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Predatory Stalker Russ Ruffino CEO of Clients on Demand

Predatory Stalker Russ Ruffino CEO of Clients on Demand

PREDATORY STALKER*, Russ Ruffino CEO of Clients on Demand, DOES NOT WANT ME to escape his grasp, which is why a legal action filed in 2015 is ongoing in 2019 into 2020. Filing false claims, failure to serve, abuse of legal process, filing countless appeals all of which he’s lost; are DESPERATE attempts to keep me in his life. He’s even paid some of my legal fees JUST to keep me in his life longer.
In 2015 I REJECTED his fraudulent use of national media logos used on in his company’s branding campaign. Because I DO NOT RESPECT him, he plotted a SECRET legal ATTACK which allowed him to illegally & anonymously insert himself in my life 2015-2017; and, anonymously harass and dox (release personal information including but not limited to homes, tax information, etc.) my parents and myself.

Twitter Ad King Russell (Russ) Ruffino Clients on Demand: The Sociopathic Business Model © I factually REJECTED “As Seen In” FALSE CLAIMS made by Russ Ruffino CEO of Clients on Demand. He did not WIN that Twitter dispute which TRIGGERED 4+ years of illegally stalking & theft.


I DO NOT RESPECT anyone who is knowingly & willingly deceptive to consumers. In 2015 I DID NOT RESPECT Russ Ruffino CEO of Clients on Demand. Four + years of predatory stalking & illegal activity confirms my original point & strengthen the lack of respect I have for Ruffino of Clients on Demand.

Predatory Stalker Russ Ruffino CEO of Clients on Demand felt CONTROL & PLEASURE when he planned a SECRET legal ATTACK in 2015. Ruffino ILLEGALLY inserted himself into my life by filing false claims of defamation & DELUSIONALLY claimed we were business competition. I write about fraud and Ruffino is a fraud.

Predatory Russ Ruffino CEO of Clients on Demand, would later claim, unclaim, and reclaim attorney client-privilege on why Arizona attorney Daniel (Dan) Warner of then Kelly Warner Law, decided not to serve me in the law suit or contact me on social media or email; but opted for service by publication in a paper for a town of 1,200.  The lawsuit was filed in SECRET by design which allowed Ruffino roughly 13 months of SECRET stalking, harassing and doxxing online.

Predatory Stalker Ruffino, was careful to remain SECRET about STALKING, using ANONYMOUS industry medical device message board associated with my career, a career unrelated to his own, even creating a persona on the boards for pathological, targeted stalking, harassing, doxxing & terrorizing my family and myself from May 2015-January 2017. Predatory Sexist Frauds Become Fearfully Unhinged when Truth is Exposed

My predatory stalker, Ruffino, did not know while he was stalking me online and doxed my parents’ home, and released tax information he illegally obtained from a skip trace, I was working with the FBI. My FBI handler in an unrelated case, informed the stalking & harassment were not related to the medical device industry. I did not know Ruffino had illegally filed & not served a lawsuit or ran a skip trace where that personal information was used online to dox.

Predatory stalkers, like Russ Ruffino CEO of Clients on Demand want to OWN something of significance of their VICTIM’S, as a way to EXERT POWER, CONTROL and a falsely achieved sense of WINNING, over their victims. In January 2017, Ruffino ILLEGALLY obtained my website, had access to my intellectual property, and altered content on my website.

After an EXTORTION plot failed, Ruffino desperately needed to return to SECRECY, and filed to have my First Amendment rights taken.
My predatory stalker, Russ Ruffino, silenced me for 18 months.  Another way a stalker gains strength by silencing their victims. As this has gone on for four years, two of which I actually knew about, please know that each time I post about Russ Ruffino of Clients on Demand, I take a little control back for myself and all victims of predatory stalking, many of who are afraid or unable to speak out.
I will post about my predatory stalker, Russ Ruffino, CEO of Clients on Demand,  who was allowed to abuse the legal system as an instrument of stalking, each and every day until this is behind me and he’s behind bars.
*predatory stalking in this context is not sexual.

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