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UPDATED: Twitter Ad King Russell (Russ) Ruffino Clients on Demand & The Sociopathic Business Model™

UPDATED: Twitter Ad King Russell (Russ) Ruffino Clients on Demand & The Sociopathic Business Model™

Look for an update tomorrow: July 6, 2018

UPDATED: March 14, 2016, Below Original-Russ Ruffino CAUGHT Unethically Spamming Killing My Career

UPDATED November 18, 2015

Russell Ruffino buys an ad in Inc Magazine (example of native advertising)

Russell Ruffino buys an ad in Inc Magazine (example of native advertising)

UPDATED: July 9, 2015 at the very bottom and please be sure an check out the honest negative customer feedback about Russell (Russ) Ruffino of Client on Demand

UPDATED: July 13, 2015 Russ Turner aka The Catalyst Kid owner of The Roadmap 2 Success states he’s been on CBS News, Fox, NBC and ABC without showing proof with links on website RED FLAG

UPDATED June 17, 2015 below original story. Russ Ruffino’s high pressure sales tactics recounted from an unhappy customer.

May 21, 2015


Russ Ruffino website

This Twitter trick comes up across my feed every day as a promoted ad. He claims to help coaches (we know my love of that word outside of sports team) albeit not as bad as business priestess (aka Money Map to Freedom™ ) but I’m pretty sure I could forgo hanging my entire wardrobe in a closet because I’d have more room on Pinocchio’s ever growing nose.

Business Priestess/ Money Map Alexis Martin aka Ali Shanti has a new business name Law Business Mentors:

Family Wealth Planning Institute, LLC
Lift Foundation Systems, LLC
Its (sic) All Happening, LLC
Eyes Wide Open LLC
New Law Business Model aka Law Business Mentors
Personal Family Lawyer aka America’s Personal Family Lawyer
The Alexis M. Neely 2005 Irrevocable Trust
The AMN 2010 Irrevocable Trust

Alexis Neely Ali Shanti Law Business Mentors Sued By Client Filed for Bankruptcy- Killing My Career

Lies at work 2

Let’s start with the website of Russell (Russ) Ruffino which is just another reason that makes him latest contender for the #GodsOfFrauds.  “As seen in…” well that looks impressive but we’ve already learned before that looks can be deceiving (and sometimes need a shower).  

Russ Ruffino and The New York Times

Russ Ruffino The New York Times

Maybe I forgot how to Google or something:

Russ Ruffino The New York Times 2

Maybe it’s under Russell Ruffino:

Russell Ruffino The New York Times

Future tip:

If you write a review for a book

it does not make you an author, writer or number-one best seller 

Whoops not under Russell Ruffino either. There’s no need to even check the rest of the list he posted on line.  Guess what? If someone was really in The New York Times, they’d usually link to the actual article they were mentioned in or that they authored or at the very least screen shot that bad boy. Right out of the gate that’s not doing a lot for Russell (Russ) Ruffino’s credibility which I suspected was lacking when I engaged with him several months ago on Twitter.  (I’ll admit after my breaking point for someone who writes about fraud every day red flags tend to jump out and some are so obvious you just try and ignore them.)  Fucking Twitter will not allow me to forget or ignore.  Despite hitting the little x to dismiss Russell Ruffino’s ads it comes back like a dandelion that no amount of Monsanto pesticide can kill.

I did not save that riveting exchange (and lack the skills to find it my Twitter history) with Russell (Russ) Ruffino but remember he made some claim of bringing in $25o,000 a month with no actual data to support that claim.  When I asked for him to substantiate the claim he was unable to (shocker).

Checklist-of-Characteristic-of-The-Sociopathic-Business-Model (1)

And right out the grifter’s guide: Try and make people jealous of your life so they’ll think you’re successful. Also see posing with Porsche. The next time Russell (Russ) Ruffino’s promoted ad comes across my feed I will report his ad to Twitter and suggest anyone else who is having this specific problem or one like it report it as a means to force accountability on the unethical.  The false information about being seen in The New York Times along with his claims lacking fact based evidence regarding generating $250K a month are enough for me to know that I would not work with or recommend as a consultant that any of my clients ever work with give Russell (Russ) Ruffino any funding.  And before anyone pulls the haters or jealous card: Haters vs. Forced Accountability.

And if you need a good laugh after all the fraud talk head on over to Disrupt Happiness  you many recognize the popular for all the wrong reasons Ali Shanti (Alexis Martin Neely or Alexis Neely) from this site.   UPDATED:

Great I could make up a spreadsheet too, I can also hand write my name on to The New York Times Best-Seller list, tell people I’m on it but it doesn’t make it truthful or ethical.  Yet no word on why he lied about being in The New York Times  or in Forbes as it turns out. Any guess as to how Russell (Russ) Ruffino fairs with CNN, NBC, Fox and The Wall Street Journal? Yep-goose egg.  Except for this from the Freaking Genius which state that Ruffino has been featured on Huffington Post, CBS and Fox despite being able to find any evidence to support such claims. 

So from my count Russell (Russ) Ruffino has lied seven times verified by Google searches.

The Freaking Genius claims Russell (Russ) Ruffino has been seen on television and in major publications

As predicted when confronted with negative facts a company would rather remain hidden they pull the professionl victim card of haters when it’s really just forced accountability:

Well that looks a lot like manipulation of the facts, not recognizing the rights of others, lack of shame, remorse, guilt or accountability while placing blame; and he clearly does not like to be challenged on the facts and prefers they remain hidden.  Russell (Russ) Ruffino via proven fact based evidence lacks credibility to call my integrity into question.  This exchange only reconfirmed that I would never work with or recommend to a client that they work with or support any company that supports Russell (Russ) Ruffino. But it’s nice he phoned a friend to white knight for him: Hunter Hart White Knights for the unethical Russell (Russ) Ruffino

Hunter Hart white knights for the proven unethical Russell (Russ) Ruffino   UPDATED June 17, 2015   When forced to be accountable for his false appropriation of major network logos used to deceive clients, the unethical Russell Ruffino blocked on Twitter.   Unethical Russell Ruffino blocked when forced accountable about network logo fraud

A few weeks ago one of his unhappy clients* reached out stating they felt they may have been scammed (paid upwards of $10,000 for the program) after high pressure sales tactics with poor-to no customer service or follow up. Russ Ruffino’s unhappy client also stated they purchased the program based off the major network logos on his website which this site proved were deceptive and fraudulent.   A true and ethical consultant would never charge all the money up front and would offer clients two choices: % of what the client makes after using the program for a certain period of time or a flat fee paid out over three months but always going with the choice that’s most advantageous to the client. RED FLAG If a consultant states that unless a purchase is made at that moment or else the price will double at a later date: HANG UP THE PHONE AND DO NOT PURCHASE WHEN (NOT IF) THEY CALL YOU BACK PROVIDING A “SPECIAL OFFER.”    Unethical companies will often change names in order to distance from past unethical and or illegal behavior. Russell Ruffino also operates under The Art of High Ticket Selling and Russ Ruffino’s Platinum MasterMind.    * I will not disclose the email in order to protect the victim who hopefully takes legal action against Mr. Ruffino; but, it’s crucial to get factual information out so that others may make better informed decisions to prevent possible further victimization. Also one brave person coming forward may prompt others to do the same which is a goal of this site.   Updated July 9, 2015   Before Forced Accountability: Russell (Russ) Ruffino of Clients on Demand fraudulently used network television and major publication logos as a means to unethically attract business.

UPDATED: March 14, 2016,

Russ Ruffino CAUGHT Unethically Spamming Killing My Career

Russ Ruffino Spammer IP 76 185 85 73

Russ Ruffino is CAUGHT unethically spamming Killing My Career the site which exposes the negative truth about his unethical sales & marketing tactics. This is very targeted & specific which demonstrates malice on the part of Russ Ruffino.

Note the IP address from STOP SPAMMER plugin the same IP as the person pretending to want information on Russ Ruffino.

Note the IP address from STOP SPAMMER plugin the same IP as the person pretending to want information on Russ Ruffino.

Russ Ruffino website   After Forced Accountability:  Russell (Russ) Ruffino of Clients on Demand changed the landing page of his website to his blog page (which no longer shows the fraudulent use of logos) but will remain here on this site as tool to help potential clients make better informed decisions before investing. Thank you to the anonymous reader who posted this change and to all who have commented exposing the negative truth Russell (Russ) Ruffino of Clients on Demand would rather remain hidden.   Russ Ruffino Forced Accountable changed landing page to remove fraudulent network logos

This appears to be a growing trend: Russ Turner pitched his services of helping others succeed with his free book on his site RoadMap 2 Success  on 7.13. 2015   Russ Turner 7 13 2015   Look closer and you’ll see that Russ Turner states he’s been seen on CBS News, Fox, NBC and ABC.   Russ Turner Twitter As Seen On CBS news Fox NBC and ABC 7 13 2015   and also goes by the name The Catalyst Kid   Russ Turner The Catalyst Kid 7 13 2015   Yet on Russ Turner’s website The Roadmap 2 Success no mention of television or links to him on CBS News, Fox, NBC or ABC.  I’ve reached out to Russ Turner who pitched his product via direct message on Twitter for a response.

  • Catherine

    Yes. I would add that he uses false advertising in his free webinars to try to hook you in. He states that if you sign up for a “free” 45 minute consultation, he or another “team member” will talk you through how to identify your target audience and several other actionable things. I thought “Hey, free consultation that might prove useful.” No. You’re just signing up for a sales pitch. You will literally get no where without paying $15,000 (which the sales rep then said “could” be discounted to $10,000) in a one-time-offer price. Uh, no. No. And again, no. As a small business, that kind of cash is unfathomable to spend without thinking about it and truly believing in the value. But they pressure you to DO IT NOW. Don’t even get me started on his assumptions about how people want to live their lives … So yes, I was taken in by the ever-present Twitter ads. Lesson learned. Terrible customer service, but then what do you expect when he advises you “coach” your clients as a group to save YOU time, versus one-on-one to, oh I don’t know, make sure clients are completely satisfied with the level of attention and respect they receive? I should’ve known better based on how often I found myself rolling my eyes during the webinar. He gets by on that “glib” factor. Ugh. If you say anything with enough fervor … Hook, line and sinker.

    June 29, 2015 at 6:06 am
      • Dan

        Hi Melayna, can I please ask how do you cancel a initial call? or do I just not answer? I have not given any card details to anyone.

        October 4, 2015 at 3:32 am
  • Victim of IMer

    I worked with Getmoremomentum.com with James Teale and previously Lee McIntyre. Paid $6k and they never delivered as promised. I followed their advice to a T and when I didn’t get results it was my fault. I mention this because I think Lee was Russ’s mentor. These internet marketers are scammers. James also did a high pressure sale on me. I feel like an idiot for falling for their tricks. They just has so many great case studies.

    If you find someone who pressures you into taking action on the spot and that you get a bad feeling about. Don’t walk, run!

    June 30, 2015 at 9:43 pm
  • Same story as Catherine, except I was only on the line 10 mins before I said you know what? Your wasting my time I have real work to do.

    Essentially they try to size you up to see if you can afford there service, if you cannot, then “You are not ready” LoL

    What a joke!

    July 8, 2015 at 11:24 am
  • Kevin

    Hi Melayna,

    Thanks so much for putting this up! One of the tactics Russell Ruffino’s sales people use is saying “if you google Russell’s name, you won’t find anything negative about him on social media” – Well, my sincere hope is that this article makes it to page one of Google!

    It’s currently the first link on the second page 🙁

    I was actually suckered into paying the $10k with nothing to show for it. The only reason he has some success stories is because those people actually had a large following to begin with and they reached out to their network using the same high pressure sales manipulation that Russell uses. As far as his core webinar stuff, it doesn’t work, especially if you’re relatively new to the coaching or consulting game with few contacts.

    Even if I can’t my money back, how can we get the word out about Russell’s lack of integrity? I’m going to start pitching my real story in his program to at least 10+ marketing blogs and high traffic websites.

    I’m not going to be silent about the lack of results. A lot of other people in the program who are dissatisfied won’t speak up because they blame themselves for “not doing it right.”

    No more. Russell won’t have “clients on demand” when I’m done with him.

    July 9, 2015 at 12:15 pm
      • Kevin

        I’m not sure who to pitch first, but I’m figuring out how and who to approach. Kudos to the other commenters on this thread! We’re on page one of google if you search “Russell Ruffino” – this will help potential buyers before getting on the phone with his sales team! Great work Melayna.

        July 10, 2015 at 12:04 pm
          • Kevin

            You’re absolutely right, Melayna. The hurt from the incident made me post twice, once as myself and once as Alex, who actually did opt out of doing a session with Russell after talking to me, but I shouldn’t have posted on his behalf. I’m just going to let others come forward naturally. It’s hard to make this transition to empowered survivor, but I will find my way.

            July 10, 2015 at 8:23 pm
  • Jason

    ^same story as Kevin. So relieved this thread exists! I’m a financial trader and I did make a sale during the program but it was through reaching out to my current customer base, just like Kevin says. The bulk of the program is useless. You could go to stealth seminar’s website and just go through their free material from Geoff and do just as well as paying Russell Ruffino and his chumps $10,000.

    The team at Clients on Demand are like a cult. They want you to believe that you can do six figures a month from scratch if you just “invest in yourself”, excuse me, I mean, pay them enough money. Just another case of if it sounds too good to be true, it is. Don’t make the same mistake Kevin and I did folks.

    July 9, 2015 at 12:29 pm
      • Anonymous

        You’re right – it’s not ethical or ask for so much upfront and then not even have a refund policy! You know there’s some people in his program that go into debt to join his program because his numb-skull sales team is trained to get everyone to buy no matter what. They only hang up on you if you’re smart enough to question them. Now I know that Russell Ruffino is smart enough to know that his stuff doesn’t work for 99.9% of his clients so he says you can’t refund even if you don’t have enough money to feed yourself because of him.

        I like how you screenshot his use of media labels, called him out on it, and now he got rid it and now has a completely different website to cover his ass that highlights his “success stories” (which are from years ago because he doesn’t have any recent success).

        It used to be russruffino.com which now re-directs to a re-designed clientsondemand.com

        I don’t know much about litigation and the cost of it, but if there’s a way to shut Russell Ruffino down ASAP so that no one else has to fall for his tricks, I’m open to hearing about it.

        Just so everyone knows, Russell was an out of work actor/bartender that got caught up in this scammy internet marketing game because it really is a quick buck for him. He believes he gets great results, but if you bring up actual stats for his clients, he won’t pay attention because that would mean he would have to face the fact that, *gasp*, he won’t be in business for long.

        July 9, 2015 at 1:05 pm
      • Cbass

        Your definition of “Unethical practices” because the person took all the money up front is misleading.

        It’s not unethical at all.

        A car dealer gets their money upfront.

        A home seller gets their money upfront.

        You have to pay a full months rent before you can move into an apartment.

        You don’t get to take your groceries home before you pay for them.

        You pay for your airline ticket before you ever get on the plane.

        I can keep going if you’d like.

        It’s one practice to get paid after the fact and if you get burned YOU lose out and have to then pay more money to try and get your pay.

        It’s another practice to accept all your money up front. Then you don’t have to worry about chasing someone down if they stop paying, or decide not to pay.

        Neither practice is more ethical than the next.

        Ethics come in if the person doesn’t deliver on their promise. Plain and simple.

        You you’re bashing someone else’s collection practice because it makes you look better. Not cool.

        November 13, 2015 at 12:59 am
        • Anonymous

          Cbass writes in the style Russell writes, so if the only defense coming to Russell’s aid is Russell, that says a lot.. I was in Russell’s course (Spring ’15).

          Now Cbass, you say… “Ethics come in if the person doesn’t deliver on their promise. Plain and simple.”

          This whole thread is about how Russell doesn’t deliver on promises… You’re right, who cares if the money is taken upfront or not?

          But in the case that the money is taken upfront, the ethical thing to do (and standard practice) is to offer a money-back guarantee to protect the consumer. This balances out the risk that the consumer takes in trusting someone like Russell with $10k.

          So what does Russ decide to do in addition to taking money upfront? Makes everyone sign a contract upfront saying that regardless of if Russell delivers, he gets to keep the client’s money.

          Go home Cbass.

          November 15, 2015 at 8:52 am
          • The challenge however is that the article CLEARLY indicates that the author believes it unethical to get paid for consulting services in full and upfront. Price point does not make something unethical. Asking for your full fee upfront does not make something unethical. Also, not offering refunds for your services does not make something unethical, even if you don’t like it.

            If you’re going to have a rebuttal to someone, at least make it relevant and properly address both the poster and what was ACTUALLY said within the original article itself.

            Not getting what you paid for is really the only unethical thing that could happen and quite possibly happened in this case.

            Having multiple websites, refining your brand image, etc… all of that is quite normal in the growth and maturing of a business venture. None of that is unethical or “sociopathic”.

            Pretty immature arguments going on here and personal biases are playing a role in many of the viewpoints expressed here, as opposed to looking at things as what they are as opposed to what you THINK they should be.

            March 15, 2016 at 1:10 pm
          • Anonymous


            You said, and I quote, “Not getting what you paid for is really the only unethical thing that could happen and quite possibly happened in this case.”

            Here’s how to verify that this happens to almost all of Russ’s clients: ask Russ if you can talk to three people chosen at random, who are currently well into in his program. Then ask those three if there’s a discrepancy between what they were promised before they bought anything and what they actually received.

            Anyone who is considering doing business with Russ can do this and find out quickly that Russ does NOT do business ethically.

            But here’s the problem: Russ won’t ever let you talk to those three random students in his program. You know how I know that?

            Because when I was in Russ’ program, he told me to respond to potential clients’ requests for that information by saying “You know I’m only going to let you talk to my STAR students and besides, if you were my client, would you want me to give your contact information to a stranger so they could bother you?”

            Russ is a master manipulator and spinner.

            You also say, and I quote, “Having multiple websites, refining your brand image, etc… all of that is quite normal in the growth and maturing of a business venture. None of that is unethical or “sociopathic”.”

            Not quite, James. And here’s why: when Melayna (author of this well-researched article) flagged Russ for using logos from NYTimes, Forbes etc on his site, when he in fact NEVER got press from these sources, Russ THEN DECIDED to change his sites, brand images etc.

            That’s actually called LYING, James. That’s called UNETHICAL. Now if you want to call it “maturing of a business” go right on ahead. You might actually be a good fit for Russ.

            But for the rest of the hardworking trusting coaches and consultants out there who are looking for credible mentors, I’d say they are better off avoiding the crazies and investing their money into legitimate resources that are transparent, helpful, and actually effective.

            March 17, 2016 at 1:10 pm
      • I own an HVAC business. Heatman.com. I almost wasted my time and money. Thank you Howard Schwartz

        February 6, 2016 at 8:34 pm
  • Alex

    Thank the lord of this thread. I was about to do a “strategy session” with Russell’s team, but now I know to cancel it! I’m going to see if I can submit a query to the New York Times and these other publications about this blatant abuse of media symbols. I’m willing to be an active contributor to bringing this dude down.

    July 10, 2015 at 12:14 pm
  • I was minding my own business (On Twitter) when I saw one of Ruffino’s adverts come across my stream… needless to say I Googled “Russ Ruffino clients on demand scam” and found your post as #1 on Page 1! Well done 🙂

    July 13, 2015 at 11:12 am
  • Anonymous

    I am currently in the middle of Russ’s program and I think I have been 100% scammed. I was swept up with the idea of the program’s success and I signed up. Towards the end of the call I started to feel a little uneasy but there was real pressure to pay by credit card there and then. I decided to be dishonest (I’m not proud) and I gave my address wrong, thinking that the payment would not go through. It didn’t straight away but was successful over the weekend and I was so upset. I thought I would try and make the best of the situation and go ahead with the course, but it has been pretty useless.

    The whole premise is geared towards coaches. I am not a coach and emphasised this on the initial call as I was concerned that webinars, courses and FB groups would not suit my business but I was told it would be fine. I have emailed for support and got pretty brusque responses back or complete and utter nonsense (just more empty sales speak).

    I signed up to pay in 2 installments and the 2nd payment is due next week. I am so stressed about it.

    July 16, 2015 at 4:10 am
  • Anonymous

    Russ makes you sign a contract that states your results are your own, so there’s no going back on credit card payments or it becomes a legal issue.

    Best thing to do for anyone in a high pressure sales call situation is either hang up and collect your thoughts, or demand that you speak with at least 3 people in Russ’ program at different skill levels (i.e. beginning of career, middle, established etc.)

    That way you don’t have to take anyone’s word for it. You’ll know firsthand that anyone claiming that he can help you create six-figure businesses from scratch in a matter of weeks is a total scam.

    Do your research, don’t get emotional, and don’t sign ANYTHING that is legally binding, especially when the risk is all on you. Why would Russell Ruffino not offer a money back guarantee if he is “world class at what he does”?

    The answer? He’s a master marketer and knows he can’t deliver on his ridiculous promises 99.99% of the time.

    I’ve worked with him and have seen the financial havoc he can wreak if you’re a newbie or easily cajoled. Once again, do your research, make informed decisions, and don’t lock yourself into a contract that puts you in financial danger.

    July 22, 2015 at 11:16 pm
  • Raven Davis

    I saw Russell’s ads on Twitter and thought his site and stories were very compelling but I’m glad this article breaks down the facts.

    I too got caught up in the shiny promises and superficial marketing.

    Thank you to all of the above commenters and to those who were ripped off, know that you’ve helped many many more people who would’ve been taken advantage of. Cheers 🙂

    July 25, 2015 at 12:42 pm
  • Anonymous

    I’m almost done with Russ’ program and even though he taught some decent stuff, it was maybe worth a $200 class, NOT $10K!

    What really gets me is he makes you sign a contract up front that allows him to just say, “oh well I guess you just didn’t get the results.”

    Russell won’t last long playing his little con man game. He’s persuasive and a hard seller, but in the end enough of us will speak out about the fact that less than 1% of clients get any measurable results.

    July 26, 2015 at 10:46 am
  • Anonymous

    Recently had a call with one of the reps from Russ’ program. First off this call was nothing but 45minutes worth of good sales profiling and preparing for a hard close. The first thing the young lady said was she would appreciate it if I could make a Yes or No decision at the end of the call. She stated they don’t like people to be in between or indecisive. That whole we only want to work with real leader’s type of speech. In my head I’m thinking she really doesn’t know she is talking to someone that has a sales background. Throughout the 45min she’s just asking me tons of questions that I can tell she is not really paying attention to my answers. Then she starts to drop financial psychology sales questions like, do you have to check with your significant other before making a financial decision or are you the man in charge…lol. I’m thinking are you kidding me. I played along though to see where all of this was going. After 45min she tells me that I made the cut and I fit the type of client they would love to work with because if I didn’t she would have stopped the call a long time ago. YEAH RIGHT LADY. The next 5 minutes of the call was a brief run through of the program with very little detail. It’s an 8 week program with 2 webinars per week. Then she tells me after that they have a master’s program that can cost $2500 per month plus there is a $1000 per month fee to test to see if your ads work and truly attract clients. Wait, what do you mean if my ads work? You guys are making six figures per month off this strategy right, so why the hell do I have to pay an additional $1000 per month to test your “proven” strategy. Then she drops the real bomb and says the initial price to get started is 15k and asks me what type of card I will be paying with. Are you fucking serious? If I were to pay someone 15k I am not giving a stranger my card number over the phone without seeing any documentation at all. Who do these people think they are dealing with? I told her well judging from what you said in the beginning that you need a solid yes or no answer…my answer is a firm NO. The phone went silent. Then all of a sudden the price drops from 15k to 10k…and just because she thinks I’m awesome she can do it right now and only right now for 9k…so you will take a 6k lost just for me? I’m shaking my head and this point. I tell her NO firmly again and then she goes into the tactics that she has been preparing for the entire call but none of that crap works on me. I am a real coach, a real speaker, and I really love helping people. I hate these scam artists out here that give the self help industry a bad name. People like this prey on your vulnerability with promises to make you rich. Run far away from this nonsense.

    July 31, 2015 at 5:46 pm
      • Kate

        Thank you all so much for this information and confirming my gut feeling about this group. I had my “breakthrough” session with one of Russ’s people yesterday, and was fed exactly the same lines you were. Red flags, everywhere! The kicker was that if I didn’t sign up RIGHT NOW, it was because I was afraid and had more inner work to do to get over my money issues—and, of course, that they can help me with that. Then she started in with something about even though I really couldn’t afford to pay [that ridiculous sum of money for an 8-week course (!)] I’d make the money back—and more—in a matter of weeks. I told her that if she had to have an answer now, it was no and that I needed 24 hours to “process” the information. She kept pushing and pushing but finally said I could have the 24 hours. I’ll be interested to see whether she calls me this afternoon! If she does, my response will be an emphatic “no!”

        September 22, 2015 at 11:52 am
        • Anonymous

          As I suspected, his coach didn’t call me back as promised. Hello? Complete lack of integrity. If I had any doubts about saying no–which I don’t–this would be the final straw. Russ and his team have no integrity.

          September 22, 2015 at 8:56 pm
    • I am so frustrated right now. I was on the verge of buying this course. I thought it might be to good to be true and now that i think about it some things really sent up red flags.

      They did use pressure tactics, the free chat was a sales pitch, they asked for my card number and info over skype(!!!), they said they would provide me with the contract/membership agreement only AFTER I pay the first half of the course ( 5000$). I have asked them for a list of 10 people who have worked with them that I can contact and nothing got sent. Luckily I have a legal background and all of it seemed fishy. I did say I wasn’t able to make payment right there because my debit card had expired and it was due in the next fe days, so they called me back and I am to give them a final reply tomorrow. We all know what that will be…

      From what I am gathering from comments here, they operate on a bare minum aproach. Just enought to keep you from winning in court if you sue them, but no real effort or consideration on their part.

      I am very angry over this because it basically kills people’s faith in actual coaches. I want to help my clients do great. I don’t want to scam the life out of them! this is not what i have worked for all this time. This is NOT how you do business. This is absolutely against everything I stand for..

      I feel terrible. Absolutely terrible. Faith in humanity lost….again.

      January 4, 2016 at 12:30 pm
  • Jeremy

    Thanks very much for this. I was checking out the testimonials on his site, and came across this guy, his student, who also claims to have been featured on all those networks. http://www.jimkrautkremer.com/

    Sic him!

    August 1, 2015 at 12:06 am
  • Anonymous

    I agree with everyone’s experience on the phone. It is not a free consultation – it is Russ Ruffino’s sales team going for your jugular until you pony up thousands of dollars. I was told that I wasn’t a good fit for the program after I mentioned that I didn’t have 5k to pay on the spot. I wanted to do more research and have more time to think about working with them, but I think the lady on the phone realized that if I actually did my homework, I’d stumble on this site and realize how their game works. If you’re signed up for a call, save yourself the time and headache and CANCEL IT.

    August 7, 2015 at 11:18 am
    • Marni

      How do you cancel it? I just signed up today and luckily found this site…

      September 11, 2015 at 5:09 pm
  • Anonymous

    ^ Also, Russ Ruffino reminds me of one of the guys you’d find on that show ‘American Greed’ on CNBC. There’s alot of similarities – the sales call tactics, sweet talking, glib promises, superficial charm, high prices, and no customer support. Despicable behavior.

    August 7, 2015 at 11:20 am
  • candice valencia

    I just cancelled my initial call thanks to this thread. I knew it was too good to be true but I was curious. Thankfully I won’t be wasting my time now. Thx!

    August 11, 2015 at 6:25 pm
  • candice valencia

    I just cancelled my initial call thanks to this thread. I knew it was too good to be true but I was curious. Thankfully I won’t be wasting my time now. Thx!

    August 11, 2015 at 6:25 pm
  • Akash

    Last night I signed up for a call with Russ tomorrow evening. My beloved showed me this site.
    Sorry to read about the people who were actually scammed. Hope you all will be able to leave all this behind you soon!

    I did download his Free pdf and started reading it. My eyebrows were frowning here and there but not enough to cancel the appointment yet. I still had the mindset to listen to his story and make up my mind later. After reading all this I will cancel the appointment.
    Thanks everybody.
    Safe travels and never let yourself be pushed into anything.

    August 18, 2015 at 2:55 am
  • Veronica

    Thanks to everyone for their posts. Fortunately, I did not sign up for the programme as the ‘strategy session’ after listening to a webinar is similar to the post by Anonymous on July 31, 2015 at 5:46 pm.

    In my case, however, it was a guy who called me, and the requirement for the ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ answer was stated upfront. I was impressed with the sales approach and was drawn to the ‘promise’ that the support during the programme will be not just from Russ, but also from his team of experts -marketing, copywriting, etc. My answer was NO to the instant ‘one time offer’ to signup.

    Somewhat surprising, I was still on the mailing list for regular updates and invitations to webinars with other offers. Now, however, with the posts on this website, I will stay clear of this programme.

    August 23, 2015 at 2:47 am
  • Channing

    I’m indebted to this site for exposing the ill business practices of Russell Ruffino. My wife is an actual business coach and got on the phone with these guys (I listened along of course) and they’ve perfected the art of seeming to be genuine and experienced, but every time my wife pushed for more specifics on the program and asked to speak with someone like her who has succeeded in the program, they would give her the run around.

    There will always be those who prey on people’s dreams – they might make their sites fancier, case studies more compelling, and interject some new-age Kumbaya woo woo to make you feel special, but as someone with 15+ years sales experience and who has seen it all, I call Russell Ruffino and his team for what they are – charlatans and snake oil salesmen.

    August 25, 2015 at 2:52 pm
  • Sebastian

    Dodged a bullet by cancelling my call with these people. Thank you to all of the commenters here!

    September 2, 2015 at 9:50 am
  • Graham

    Thanks for this website, you have saved me a lot of money and grief, I had the same experience as many others. it just didn’t feel right.

    Thanks again.

    September 9, 2015 at 9:40 am
  • simon

    hi i just saw this was going to go through strategy session with him

    how can we bring him down? i saw his group https://www.facebook.com/groups/highticketselling/891728670920272/?notif_t=group_activity

    do you think can go in there and post maybe join itor somethingigot email from him long time go

    he is ripping people off from what I have seen oer $20k through this comments on here omg

    September 16, 2015 at 8:42 am
  • Dan

    Hi, candice valencia and everyone else who maybe able to help. I have received a email confirmation for a phone call booking. I came across this site. There is nothing on the email with cancellation information. Can someone please tell me how to cancel this appointment or do I just not answer the call. Thanks

    October 4, 2015 at 3:28 am
  • Anonymous

    I signed up for a call for him to help me with my Web Design company. After reading this thread I know that I won’t buy into the program. However, I would like a good laugh, so I think I’ll go through with my call on Monday lol.

    October 8, 2015 at 11:40 am
  • Anonymous

    I took his course this year (2015). From a post I saw on his personal FB page, I thought that for the $10K, they built the funnel for you. They charge $70K for that.

    I signed anyway. I couldn’t find any bad reviews about him online and I searched for hours. I was led to belive that I could make my 2nd and 3rd payment from my sales, so who could turn that down???

    I didin’t even know they hit my card for the 2nd payment, as I never got a receipt and I have no idea why my card allowed it since I was at my limit. I could not remotely afford this, but they speak to you as if it’s an absolute that you will get 10 clients for $5K, which they promise and then contradict in the contract, but I was sold.

    What I know now, vs what I knew then….is this. You watch videos and set up your funnel, and they review you every step of the way. I was told mine was great, and got very little constructive criticism.

    What fell short for me during my time there, was the FB ads expert. She grazes over how to pick an audience. For $10K, I feel that she should be giving you at least a full hour of one on one helping you choose your audience. There is so much to it.

    I’m not a copy writer and again, they should spend at least an hour with you doing that. They give you a vague guideline and you write it yourself and they go over it.

    I had one sale during my time for $3,000, and in the last four months I’ve had 3 more for $1,500. I have hope that I will find my right audience but they did very little FOR me.

    I like this model because it weeds out time wasters who want what you do, but Geoff at Stealth Seminar does the exact same thing for $2500.

    There is a lot to learn about Internet marketing and from what I see of his supposed success stories, they are only from people who basically do what he does. When I was in the group there was about 90 paid members and some of them were coaches for the wackiest shit you know they will never make one dime coaching anything that while I was on group calls, I could hardly keep from laughing.

    I don’t get the sociopath vibe from him. He is very concerned about his reputation and seems to want to help you but then has ADD about it. I will say that what he teaches is remedial compared to what I know now. It’s worth a grand at best.

    October 17, 2015 at 4:33 pm
      • Anonymous

        What made you create this? Did you take the course or just find him offensive?

        October 19, 2015 at 1:43 pm
  • I was a student of his course. To make a long story short, I was very dissatisfied. I once asked for a 5 minute call to ask a question one on one, and I was turned down. His strategy will work for those who do not value an ethical way to do business. His business model he teaches is scammy, he uses high pressure sales tactics, and does not offer any guidance other than watching his videos and having you attend group sessions with 30 people on at once. It’s not easy to get any true coaching. I invest in self development as much as I can because I am a learner and am always seeking to grow at a rapid pace. I feel more sorry for people who are coughing up money that they don’t have, putting that 10k bill on credit to try to learn practices that are unethical. As for me, I will take the little I learned and say it wasn’t worth the money. I would never recommend his course to anyone.

    November 5, 2015 at 10:06 pm
  • Joe

    There’s always two sides to every story.

    November 13, 2015 at 7:56 pm
    • Anonymous

      Yes, Joe – there are two sides. Let’s review: one side says Russell misleads a majority of his clients into paying too much money for false promises and the other side (Russell) is making a lot of money doing it and doesn’t like that the other side speaks honestly about their negative experiences with him.

      Transparency is everything and the only recourse people have having been abused by Russell’s scam-y tactics is to speak out so that no one else falls prey.

      November 14, 2015 at 12:09 pm
  • James

    Hmm…. A lot of Russ bashing going on here. I’m not nearly as jaded as others though…

    I read his article in INC magazine last week and that was the first I’ve ever heard of him. Since then I’ve read his posts, listened to webinars & podcasts, and just had a sales call today with a woman from his Clients On Demand company. I liked most of the info and found the strategies, processes and ideas generally pretty good. Even the sales call was decent and helpful. Yes, it was overly scripted… Which is probably why it lasted 90 mins instead of 45, but I did learn things and was offered real feedback. Yes, there was the typical “buy now” and save $5000 at the end, which I found dumb but understand why they do that… They want your commitment, they want the sale! It’s $10k if you buy within 24hr, otherwise the price goes up to $15k. That technique isn’t my style, but to each his own.

    I didn’t buy the course since our company is crazy busy this time of year. I’ve been a partner in a marketing agency for the last 11 years and we are already successful doing regular strategy, design, digital media, advertising management, etc. like normal companies in our industry. But we are stuck on a hamster wheel of working by the hour. Business owners are always trying to improve things, and making more money AND working less are pretty high on the list. Russ’ teaching on leveraging your expert knowledge and packaging it up as high quality online courses, supported by group Q&A sessions, emails, and private Facebook groups seems like a great way for our company to go from revenue of 5 figures a month to 6 figures a month. It struck a chord with our 3 agency partners. We plan to implement the ideas with or without his course. I do wonder if we should buy the course in the winter? Would we reach our goals that much faster? Not sure. As an agency we already know how to run Facebook/Twitter/Google ads, set up landing pages, and I’ve had 1000s of sales calls. Webinars are a bit new since we don’t really use them now, but they seem simple enough. As for building an online course, we do stuff like that everyday. I’d be curious to know from those who have been through the course if they’d recommend it to us?

    I am pretty sure about one thing… His course isn’t for startups or people looking to break into Internet marketing, or change careers. You have to be already an expert in something and used to selling your services to people one at a time. He says this in the very first webinar actually. If you or your company isn’t generating at least $10k/mo. in old fashioned consulting services, I don’t see how any of his strategies will help. Maybe this is part of the negative feedback – it was a mismatch from the start?

    As for the fake “as seen on New York Times” etc. I have no idea. It could have been a bunch of free directory listings he was listed in. Stupid to try to use national news website logos to build credibility when the listings are mostly empty pages. I could probably go create a Wikipedia page all about myself too, then claim on my website, “as seen on Wikipedia, the world’s 2nd largest website.” Maybe people would think I’m someone special? ;-). I’ve seen much shadier things in business though. Looks like he doesn’t use the logos anymore.

    Anyway, 2 sides to every story.

    November 18, 2015 at 1:10 am
    • Anonymous

      Hi James, I took Russ’ course Spring ’15 as a newbie.

      I’d say if you already know how to run FB/Twitter/Google ads and direct to a landing page, you don’t need Russ’ course. As mentioned above, the actual traffic coach and ads training is incredibly basic.

      They do a sales module too where they give you a script for how to sell someone and it’s literally the script they used on you when you called in – LOL. So just call in again and record the call 🙂

      You’re also right that the webinar system is simple and I was a bit disappointed at how simple Russ’ webinar module was.

      It’s basically one video of him going through his webinar that you probably watched from his landing page (it’s publicly available and runs on autopilot every hour) and explaining how you should also use his framework and language – “just adapt it to what you do” is their guideline.

      Anyone can do that regardless of if their in Russ’ course.

      This has been mentioned in this thread before but Geoff at Stealth Seminar is a great resource for free and fairly priced webinar personal coaching without too much hype. I haven’t used his paid service personally (because I didn’t have any money left over after Russ was done with me), but his free webinar training was just as helpful as Russ’ paid stuff.

      I don’t mean to be harsh, but looking at the content of Russ’ course objectively it almost feels like an Udemy course that would be priced at $299 and only purchased if bought at a huge discount. I say that because their approach to sales, copy, ads, webinars feels so surface level and generic. Almost like an intro course to a real marketing program.

      Russ and his team seemed like good people on the sales call for me too, but it’s only after you’ve forked over $10k+ and signed their contract that guarantees that they keep your money that the holes in their system become apparent.

      All of a sudden you can’t actually get one on one time with Russ or any of the coaches besides their sales team. You become less of a priority because nothing is on the line for them (they have no skin in the game as Melayna says) and you feel like you’re getting generic guidelines without any customer service at the level you would expect at this price point.

      When I was in the course there were about 90 members and about 2-3 got a real return on investment during the course. I noticed that those 2-3 were the ones that Russ blasted out to his FB followers and email list, while the rest of kind of us just kind of silently suffered so I think you’re right there’s a huge mismatch in messaging and expectations.

      I observed that the 2-3 “successes” in our group had established businesses (real estate and financial services) to begin with. Not to say a newbie can’t make 1-2 sales, it’s just not going to come from the ads-webinar model. It usually comes from just directly reaching out to your current network and testing the market. But again what part of this can’t be done for free?

      If you have any questions feel free to comment here and I’d be happy to answer. That goes for everyone who has a question about Russ’ stuff (:

      November 18, 2015 at 10:44 am
      • James

        Thanks for your review and break down. Very helpful for us!

        November 18, 2015 at 12:16 pm
  • James

    Wow, are you ever quick to judge Melayna! I’m not a “minion” of anyones. I just a guy calling it as I see it. Go to my agency site… http://www.twincreekmedia.com. I am who I say I am. Sometimes people really are telling he truth – amazing eh?

    Ya, it’s weird I suppose that I commented on your site but it’s because of the overwhelming negativity that seemed one-sided, when I have had a (very short) but good experience so far. That’s it.

    November 18, 2015 at 9:24 am
    • Anonymous

      Hey James, I just responded to your above post, so I hope that was helpful.

      With regards to Melayna, she’s right that there was some fishy posts in succession the past few days that were written in the way Russ writes himself, so there was a good chance you were part of that crowd. No hard feelings (:

      And thanks for keeping up the good work, Melayna. This is the first site of it’s kind that I was able to come to after feeling abused by Russ’ program. You’re commitment to keeping up with how service providers online are changing tactics etc does not go unnoticed and is much appreciated.

      I actually though that INC article was a real guest post! Hah!

      November 18, 2015 at 10:49 am
  • Anonymous

    Thank you so very much for all of this information. Thank you to Melayna as well as everyone who commented with their honest experiences. You all saved me a boat load of money and I appreciate it. I was just about to follow up on this as a potential avenue for business growth. When I typed “clients on demand” into Google, this page was the third result that came up. I read every word and now know to look elsewhere. Thank you again!

    December 3, 2015 at 12:57 am
  • Anonymous

    I feel the same way as the above comment. Thank you so much to this site and to all of commenters. I was on Russ’ email list and he has been sending out yet another “inc article” of his, but Because of this article I know that he’s just another slick Internet marketer who promises the world with no substance to back those promises up. I just unsubscribed from Russ’ list and I suggest everyone reading this thread get as far away as possible from Russ’ marketing as possible. It is evident that it is all smoke and mirrors anyway. Good riddens!

    December 8, 2015 at 2:49 pm
  • Anonymous

    Just finished Russ’ program and honestly think that it was wrong for me (newer to the online marketing space). I asked Katherine (one of the sales people) upfront if she thought the program was right for me since I didn’t have a huge following and didn’t have a lot of extra money to spend on ads and she said all the right things that led to me forking over 2 payments of $5000.

    After I signed the documents upfront saying I wouldn’t ask for a refund (because Katherine said “almost everyone makes their money back during the program”, I worked my butt off every day to implement their system and even got rave feedback from Russ himself about how my webinar was one of the best he’d seen. I was pumped! Then about halfway into the program I ran ads to get traffic to the webinar and it became so apparent how little the team does anything of value at this critical point. I ran some ads (spent $100-$500 per ad) to test the market based on Russ’ traffic coach’s suggestion (her name is Adrienne) but got very little traffic and no sales. And to be honest I wasn’t willing to keep shelling out money to run ads when I paid $10,000 in the first place for their “proven system.” I thought the point of me paying them so much money was to take the guesswork out of the equation – that’s what Katherine sold me anyway. All in all it left a bad taste in my mouth. When I told Russ the situation he made it a point to tell me that we had a signed agreement and that paying $10k is a drop in the bucket compared to what some people pay to grow their business (Am I the only one who thinks $10k is a lot of freaking money?). He gave me motivational speak implying I needed to pick myself up and just make this thing work. That’s kind of what I hired him to help me do, but hey, I’m the guy who bought into Katherine’s and Russ’ sweet talk and handed over $10,000 so I can’t really blame anyone but myself. I’m hoping this post steers enough people away from getting scammed so that that all their hard earned money that’s not going to Russ is kind of like a karmic refund. Hope that helps everyone here. If you have more questions about Russ’ program feel free to reply here and happy holidays everyone!

    December 12, 2015 at 9:53 pm
      • Anonymous

        I can’t believe it. What’s wrong with these magazines? Complete lack of transparency and integrity! You do a lot of good for people Melayna by keeping us informed and aware. Please please please keep it up because I never would’ve caught that these articles were paid advertising 🙁 BUT I love that the comments on both “articles” (ads) call out Russ for the BS he’s trying to put out there. It’s only downward from here for clients on demand!

        December 14, 2015 at 8:38 am
    • Anonymous

      Katherine made the same statements to me before I signed up with Clients on Demand. I would have never gone ahead and invested my hard earned money otherwise. To your point $10,000 is a lot of freaking money! I’ve spoken to several disgruntled former clients such as myself and I’m amazed (maybe I shouldn’t be ) that Katherine has been able to get away with it for as long as she has . I guess Russ doesn’t care as long as sales continue to come in. Very sad.

      December 14, 2015 at 1:20 pm
  • Thank you for writing this! As a life coach in San Diego that CAN provide links to my media, this makes me sick. I hate people that use manipulation and hard sells to just fleece people. Your article was powerful, well supported and helps to weed out the shitbirds in my industry. Thanks so much, keep it up.

    December 16, 2015 at 9:45 am
  • Rick Levine

    This thread is the quintessential example of the word “haters”

    people that simply cannot be happy for another person’s success. So rather than be happy they make a point of exposing a flaw in that person.

    You guys are all perfect in everything you do? Lay off the haterade.

    December 17, 2015 at 10:08 pm
    • Anonymous

      Rick, you say “People that simply cannot be happy for another person’s success…”

      Are you talking about Russ Ruffino’s “success”? Because clearly, if you actually took the time to read through thr comments here, his only “success” has been exploiting, pressuring, and suckering unsuspecting and unqualified leads into a program that leaves them disillusioned, in debt, and hurt.

      You also say “So rather than be happy they make a point of exposing a flaw in that person.”

      Again, READ the comments here, Rick. What does happiness have to do with this? You sound like Russell. Someone either delivers a great service or they don’t. Russell Ruffino clearly does not for 98% of his clients. Not to say there aren’t a few people that do great with Russ. I was in his program and I saw 3 out of 90 do fine.

      But would you like to play those odds with no refund on $10k, Rick?

      That’s why this article exists. To inform people.

      Lastly, you say “You guys are all perfect in everything you do?”

      No, Rick. I have plenty of flaws but a lack of integrity is not one of them. Can your buddy Russ say the same?

      But there are some very honest accounts from clients of Russell’s here and many more out there that were suckered into submission. Read, Rick, and think before you write. You sound like a “college frat bro.”

      This is a forum for the truth, but you are clearly not concerned about that. No, you are a bystander and you have nothing of value to add here.

      December 18, 2015 at 12:38 pm
        • Moshe Mordechai

          Hi Melayna,

          Wow! It’s late and I’ve been reading this page for a while now;-)

          YOu should become a writer….are you?

          So here’s my story I contacted Russ 4 months ago and spoke with his gang and heard the same Shpeil as everyone else. I thought 10k was crazy t give over after speaking for a few minutes.

          I did however find a different coach who has helped me raise my prices and mindset and now I am actually a big fan of Russ. At some point I might actually go through his course.

          So, Really not cool if he’s taking people who aren’t right for his system but it all depends on the coach. If you believe that you are solving a serious problem then you can demand a serious price. That’s what I’ve done over the past few months.

          So I would tell folks out here to read his “paid articles” (i thought that was interesting to find out, b/c I thought they were real) and see if you like what he’s saying his courses are very similar to what he preaches in the articles. If you read them and say no way I can’t charge $400 and hour then don’t join his course.

          In any case thanls for the post.

          December 27, 2015 at 11:09 pm
          • Anonymous

            Hey Moshe, glad you were able to raise your rates with a different coach than Russ.

            But what’s the basis for you recommending that people “see if you like what he’s saying his courses are very similar to what he preaches in the articles..” if you say yourself that “At some point I might actually go through his course”?

            It seems like you’re a big fan because on your initial consult call, someone like Katherine (one of Russ’ deceptive sales people) told you that you could make big money raising your rates if you build your marketing around the problem you solve and the result you deliver, right? That’s why people buy in. It’s a seductive idea and it works if done right.

            But here’s the problem. As referenced in the comments above, people get disillusioned very quickly in Russell’s program when they realize that in addition to shelling out 10k with no refund, they’re shelling out anywhere from 100-500 dollars/ad to test if they can funnel random traffic to pay attention to their webinar to even get to a point where you can talk to one client and offer your new raised rates.

            98% of Russ’ clients never even get to the point where they’re talking to new clients to begin with.

            Melayna has mentioned this before, but it’s worth repeating: “Small businesses shouldn’t have to “buy ads” to create traffic, much of what’s needed is setting up a referral option within your own business. Ads often times are a lazy way to try and get unqualified business which is what he’s selling.”

            To each his own, but please don’t make recommendations when you haven’t even taken part in a program that costs people so much money, time, and wasted energy.

            December 28, 2015 at 1:42 pm
  • Deanne

    I actually was “approved” for Russ’s program a year ago. Thankfully my saving grace was since it was supposed to be paid in american dollars, not canadian I didn’t have enough room on my card and it was denied several times. Thank you universe!

    They give you a pretty sweet talk on the phone call to see if you qualify, but the previous statements are all true. I was told it would cost 10,000 American if I signed up now, and then if I wanted to sign up in 6 months it would be 15,000 American. So I decided to go for it. They sent me the welcome email which told me I’d be in the program for 8 weeks after which they promised they would find me at least 5 full paying clients for my program so I could earn my money back. Which is fine, but in the facebook group I’d be kicked out after 8 weeks. What?

    You expect me to pay that kind of money then to get kicked out after 8 weeks?! I’m no marketing guru, but I fail to see how in 8 weeks in a group coaching environment you can truly develop a program that is actually WORTH charging those kind of prices for. Anything that I make damn well better be the holy grail for my future clients to charge 2,000-10,000 for participation.

    There are many other teachers out there who will help you put together a QUALITY program for a fraction of this price. Here is copy of the letter they sent me on email. Thank goodness my card got denied.

    Welcome to the Clients on Demand™ Workshop!
    It is my honor and privilege to act as your coach and mentor for the next 8
    weeks. On behalf of myself, Russ Ruffino, and my entire team – Dan, Robert,
    Adrienne, and Lawton – we are thrilled to have you working with us.
    Our goals for the time we have together are very simple:
    1) Create a high-ticket signature offer that reflects your true value, is very easy
    and fun to deliver, and can be sold for $3,000 – $10,000 or more.
    2) Sell a minimum of 10 copies of that offer for at least a $3,000 price point.
    3) Deliver your offer in a way that maximizes YOUR personal freedom and
    enjoyment of your business, gives your clients amazing results, and
    generates maximum referrals and client upgrades into your highest-ticket
    offers ($20,000 or more).
    These are HUGE, life-changing goals, but if you do EXACTLY what we tell you
    to do without hesitation, I have no doubt that in the next 8 weeks, you can add
    $50,000/month or more to your income.
    The current record for most money earned during the 8 week workshop is
    $210,000 in new business. Will you be the one to beat it?
    What’s Included in the Workshop?
    To help you achieve all of this, you have access to the following:
    • Our propriety Clients on Demand™ system for attracting and closing the
    perfect clients you want into your programs.
    • Our private, members-only Facebook Group where you can ask questions,
    interact with other workshop members, and create thriving relationships that
    can benefit you for years to come.
    • Twice-weekly Office Hours sessions with myself and my entire team. You can
    ask questions and get live help from true Masters on ANY aspect of your
    business: sales, advertising, delivering massive value to your clients and
    customers…anything you need.
    During Office Hours, you have access to my entire Executive Team, so let me
    quickly introduce them here:
    Dan Ellis is my Vice President of Sales. He trains our entire sales staff on every
    aspect of the Client-Getting Conversation™, our system for having a simple
    conversation that converts interested prospects into paying clients. He can
    assist you with ANY aspect of closing sales.
    Robert Brauer is our Vice President of Online Operations. He builds our sales
    funnels and our follow-up sequences. He can assist you with ANY aspect of
    building sales funnels that attract clients.
    Adrienne Richardson is our Traffic Coach. She handles ALL of our online
    advertising through Facebook and Twitter, and she can help you with
    everything from targeting, to bidding strategies, to ad design.
    Lawton Chiles is our Sales Copy Coach. Lawton’s copy has personally sold over
    $40M of products and services online, and he can help you craft language that
    communicates your true value.
    And last but not least, I, Russell Ruffino am here to coach you through EVERY
    aspect of building the coaching business of your dreams.
    Between the 5 of us, we can guide you step-by-step to building the EXACT
    coaching and consulting business you want, while creating a lifestyle you love.
    Mondays at 3:30 PM Pacific, and Thursdays at 9 AM Pacific. The link to the
    webinar will be posted in the Facebook Group 30 minutes before the start of
    each Office Hours session.
    How to Get Help
    DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP. We are here to help you achieve
    maximum results in minimum time. If you don’t ask for help, you won’t be
    getting the most out of this program!
    The fastest way to get help is to post your question in our private Facebook
    Group. You can post your landing pages, your ads, your e-mails, ANYTHING
    you want and get nearly instant feedback.
    If you need more detailed, live feedback, join us for Office Hours.
    And please note – we are here to help you with ANYTHING, from landing pages
    to webinars to client management to your own internal mindset. Whatever you
    need, we are here for you 1000%, so take advantage!
    What Happens at the End of the 8 Weeks?
    At the end of the 8 weeks, you will keep access to our proprietary training
    materials, but you will lose access to the live components of the program
    (Office Hours and the Facebook Group). 8 weeks goes faster than you might
    think, so start taking action right away!
    After the 8 weeks, you may be invited to join our Mastery Program. This is our
    private partnership program where we will work with you on an ongoing basis
    to scale your business to the six-figure per month mark and beyond.
    At this time, the Mastery Program is invitation-only. If you’re interested in
    joining, please reach out to Dan Ellis or myself on Facebook.
    Please note that the Clients on Demand™ system you will learn in the training
    area is our proprietary intellectual property. You have the right to learn from
    and apply this training to your OWN business, but you do NOT have the right
    to re-teach, re-sell, or share this information in any way. Developing this
    system has cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars, and we are VERY serious
    about enforcing this.
    What Should I Do Now?
    The first thing you should do is request access to our private Facebook Group.
    Chances are, you’ve been added already, but just in case, you can request
    access to the Group here: http://www.russruffino.com/facebookgroup
    The next thing you should do is add Dan Ellis, Adrienne Richardson, Robert
    Brauer, Lawton Chiles, and myself as Facebook friends. You can find us all in
    the Facebook Group.
    Finally, log into the members area and get started with the training! Make a
    note of ANY questions you have and either post them in the Facebook Group
    or bring them to Office Hours. Many of the lessons in the training have
    homework – execute as QUICKLY as possible!
    8 weeks goes by quicker than you realize, so take action right away. The only
    thing holding you back is fear. Our clients who overcome their fear have
    brought in $50,000 – $210,000 in additional income in just 60 days.
    We’re just getting to know each other, so I can’t guarantee you’ll get the same
    results, but have no doubt: this workshop has the power to change your life.
    Success takes a great plan, and the courage to follow it through. We can
    provide the plan, but you must provide the courage. If you do that, there is no
    limit to how much success you can enjoy in this program.
    All the best,
    Russ Rufino

    December 29, 2015 at 10:22 pm
  • Note: I have no affiliation with Russ or any vested interest in speaking poorly or highly about him!

    I’ve watched all of Russ Ruffino’s free webinars and read all his content. I’m also a member of his free Facebook group (the art of high ticket sales, though after reading this blog I’m going to leave his group).

    I’ve learned a lot from his free content, particularly around focusing on solving problems and charging fees based on the value of solving those problems and the general mindset it takes to create and stand behind high ticket programs.

    After reading his materials, I did raise my rates and got more focused in how I talk to potential clients to make sure they clearly understand the specific problems I can help them solve. It’s been a big help to my business. However, I’ve since discovered that many blogs and other books teach the same concepts for free as well (or the cost of a book!).

    About one year ago, I was so enamored with his materials, that I had a “strategy session” with his team.

    During the strategy session, I was given some constructive feedback on how to position and grow my coaching business (I was a new coach at the time). I told his sales person that I was a new coach, and they didn’t even try to sell me even though I had the money to pay for his program!

    Instead, they gave me 30-40 minutes of solid marketing guidance and told me to get my business growing to the $10k/month range and then call back to get in the program and help scale it. I was expecting a high- pressure sell but got exactly the opposite. They said I was too new and needed to get more experience before working with them. Looks like I totally dodged a bullet!

    All that said, now that I’ve been building and growing my business for one year, I see many of his promises as outlandish and are totally turning me off. I’m also more savvy about online marketing now and understand that relying on FB ads to grow a business isn’t a durable/sustainable way of doing things (unless you business is all about how to run FB ads!).

    I also didn’t realize the program costs $10K; that seems crazy.

    So overall, I did get value from his free content, but having spent the past year reading and learning how to do online marketing (for free, from various blogs and books), I don’t see how what he teaches could be worth the investment.

    The better alternative?
    1. Build up your skills for whatever your trade/craft is. Commit to mastering your craft.
    2. Read a few good books on sales, marketing and copywriting. Supplement this with blogs/low-cost online courses to fill in the gaps.
    3. Hire/work with a business/coach to help you build a strong business growth plan and then work your plan. A coach can assist you with accountability and also overcoming personality/emotional blocks that might stand in your way, particularly if you ar are a solo-entrepreneur. Look for a coach certified by the International Coach Federation to ensure they adhere to ethical guidelines for coaches. If a coach isn’t ICF certified, be wary! Ironically….Russ Ruffino is not certified, and is not even a coach, despite his entire business being built around helping coaches succeed.


    December 30, 2015 at 4:05 pm
  • Anonymous

    I have seen this article a few times now, and I had no intentions of leaving a comment to give this page any more traffic than it has already has, but a friend I referred to Russ sent this link and it’s time I say something because this is getting ridiculous. I went through Russ’ program in February. I’m an expert in my field, had never coached for money before but given away the service for free with my product. Worked with him and his team to create a coaching course and decided to charge 6k for it. In the 2 months, made 7 sales. Since then my business has continued to scale using the same tools he taught and the ones I STILL have access to. This is the most income I’ve made in my life. What I took from this was worth 100k to me, not just 10.

    Is his program for everyone? Absolutely not. If you are expecting for a get rich quick answer, look elsewhere. Do you have to put in the work, be persistent, and flexible? 100%. I’m tired of you wantrepreneurs saturating the internet market and giving it a bad reputation because of your half ass effort. Evaluate your “victim” attitude and remember the last time you were exceptional at something and not just average. That’s the work ethic and mentality you need to have to succeed with this and any other coaching out there. You also have to be a moron to think your business can only rely on referrals. We all know how consistent that can be.

    By the way- that INC article “advertisement” means you advertised for it to show up on google at the top, not that the article is an advertisement. It is published from Empact, which recognizes the country’s top young entrepreneurs. It is in fact an article so don’t believe everything you read on the internet just because Melanie said it was. But I can understand why he would pay for his article to show up on top instead of this crap. Just goes to show another smart and professional move from a smart entrepreneur.

    December 31, 2015 at 12:17 pm
    • Anonymous

      “Is his program for everyone? Absolutely not. If you are expecting for a get rich quick answer, look elsewhere.”

      ^ This.

      Even if Russ and sales people lead you to believe that you can start from scratch and make 6 figures relatively quickly like they did to me, run the other way and don’t look back. That type of sleazy marketing is what seduced and screwed over 97% of the people in the program with me. They got no return on investment.

      Even the people with just a few one on one clients got screwed royally because they put the course tuition on credit expecting that they’d make their money back in 8 weeks because that’s what Russ’ sales people are trained to tell you.

      What peeved me is that on the sales training calls, they would teach you how to sell to someone who says they don’t even have enough money to cover their current bills. It was disgusting and they pride themselves on being so convinced that their program is answer to all income ills. “Oh you can’t afford the program?..That’s why you NEED our program. Master Card or Visa?”

      I’m ashamed that I didn’t speak up and rip them a new one.

      The people who made sales in the program were the people who reached out to their existing network, friends, etc. and pitched their “new group coaching program” at a $2K+ price point instead of one-on-one coaching by the hour. If you have such a network who is actively buying from you and you think they wouldn’t mind buying from you again at a higher price point, then give it a shot.

      BUT, and this is the big but, evaluate whether you need to pay Russ Ruffino $10k to reach out to your existing network and offer a group coaching program. You can just as easily look up how to do that for free by googling around. If you’re a newbie or even a relative newbie to coaching or online marketing, do NOT jump on the phone with these people.

      I’ve seen their group membership drop 30% from the time I was there (March-May ’15) until now because word of mouth is spreading quickly that what you get for the amount of money you invest and the 8 week time constraint is shamefully inadequate.

      January 1, 2016 at 10:10 am
  • Rob

    Has anyone else realized that Russ’s logo (lion facing left) is almost identical to Jordan Belfort’s aka “wolf of wallstreet” firm Stratton Oakmont’s logo (lion facing left)?

    January 4, 2016 at 11:53 am
  • Anonymous

    I’m disappointed and sad with the comments above as I’ve followed Russ for a number years. I thought he was a nice genuine guy who likes helping others. It does ask the question, how many others are out there who claim to be successful coaches are deceiving others and not getting them the results?

    Karma always fires back at you – It wont last.

    January 13, 2016 at 4:24 am
  • Ronnie Deaver

    I read this just in time… I agreed to their high pressure sales late last night, but did the research this morning. Fortunately I had gone with their financing option which gives me a 3 day window to cancel with no repercussions.

    Thanks everyone! I literally read every single comment and am glad to have caught this scam so early on

    February 5, 2016 at 9:33 am
  • Ronnie Deaver

    The salesman shows his true colors hahaha
    that’s too bad Ronnie. You’re going to let a bitter lady that lives in her basement, with no car; determine your future. You more than most should know any tool with a computer can post their opinions on the internet.

    Mark this day down on your calendar as you will learn the lesson and the cost.

    As for cancellation, there’s no need. You have qualified yourself out of the program and you have no skin in the game. Consider it done.

    Good luck


    On Fri, Feb 5, 2016 at 7:49 AM, Ronnie Deaver wrote:

    You seemed like a nice guy and though I didn’t appreciate the high pressure sales tactic, it didn’t initially throw me off. However what did kill me was this rather extensive list of people who have all had poor experiences with your company. http://www.killingmycareer.com/the-sociopathic-business-model/twitter-ad-king-russell-russ-ruffino-the-sociopathic-business-model/

    Attached is my notice of cancellation. You will be receiving a mailed copy as well. Do me a favor and do not bother with any sales objections or anything else really. Just please cancel my application, and any impending charges and let us both go our separate ways.

    Thank you,


    February 5, 2016 at 10:03 am
    • Anonymous

      That’s sad that Russ has people like Marc working for him. What a jerk. Is that how Russ’s sales department operates in general? I have a call scheduled for tomorrow. I’ll definitely cancel now. No thank you!

      February 11, 2016 at 2:49 pm
  • My story with Russ started with a FB Ad which got me curious. I run a digital marketing agency based in UK and was looking to redefine my pricing because of basically selling too cheap for the quality of service.
    I took a quick look at the website and registered for the webinar, which claimed to be a Live webinar. When I got there, turned out to be an automated webinar, a recording from a live webinar. That was the first red flag. I kept receiving e-mails from Russ auto-responder, which had quite valuable information actually. I saw real value in redefining my services and offering solutions instead of single services.
    Booked the famous call lot of people here booked… curious as he claimed he was going to evaluate if I was a good match or not. Sounded like an elitist tactic to get customers. During the call the guy sounded like Russ but claimed to be someone from his team. I suspected he was pretending to be someone else to look like a bigger business. During this call I heard him giggle for no reason, probably he was chatting with someone else, and clearly he was not paying attention to my answers, very rude from his part. The conversation lasted around 30 mins and ended quickly once I said I was not prepared to pay the amount. I did ask for his Skype address and we chat over Skype once, that was about it.

    After this I kept reading the free materials and articles from INC which I thought was odd since INC looks like a real publication and this guy looks like a scam artist so I was thinking maybe he’s the real deal but my gut feeling just told me something was off and I trust my gut feeling.

    I did put the concepts of high ticket sales into action, increased the quality of my services and the price, stopped selling single services and started selling solutions, as with more budget I was able to offer better service, client satisfaction also went up. I’m still a bit under-priced as I had people telling me I’m selling too cheap even though my price tripled since.

    Quite happy with Russ even though I never participated in his program, I got a copy of all his materials as they helped me redefine sales strategy and pricing.

    So guys I see it like this… even though what he’s selling has little value… the materials he offers for free (including the articles from INC) are very good. I do think some people get a benefit from it but I do agree most people are procrastinators and not able to execute easily, which is why business coaching needs to be very focused and in that case I don’t think Russ program will help.
    I’ve been evaluated by 2 or 3 business coaches and they all told me I don’t need them because unlike most people I know exactly what to do and I’m already doing it.

    As I advise a lot of clients, I see most people struggle with problems that for me are obvious to solve, sometimes in less than 5 minutes. I get that “wow” reaction often when people present me their biggest challenge and get the solution instantly.

    Conclusion be careful with your money, Russ offers a lot of free stuff and his INC articles have good info you can use, I suggest you go through that and see how you can apply it for your business. Don’t spend any money and enjoy the freebies. If you’re into building a webinar funnel solution, I see in one of these comments they don’t teach you that, which for me would be the only thing of real value I would expect from those $10k, for him to supply the whole funnel including auto-responder sequences. Without that what he’s offering is basically a business consultant service which is not even specially tailored.

    If you’re looking to improve your business try speaking to a few local business coaches, many offer free 1 hour consultation and I think you can find value in these. Go to some networking events too and meet more people, I found a lot of value in this too. Good luck. 🙂

    February 6, 2016 at 4:22 pm
  • Anonymous

    Russ is a liar and a fraud. It makes me sick that I fell for his deceptive practices. He sent out a new offer to those of us that are on his email list claiming that he made $240,500 in sales in January and $566,000 in sales in February. I was in his private Facebook group as a client during that time and I can assure you that he did not enroll that many new members in January or February. Each time his team makes a sale a new member is added to the private group. If the sales numbers he is claiming were true I would have noticed. I wasn’t the only one counting either. Many of us were, and still are counting. I can assure you that we plan to voice our concerns formally.

    March 5, 2016 at 1:18 pm

      April 21, 2016 at 7:25 pm
  • Anonymous

    Help! I was lured in…did not see this post ahead of time and I just signed up for his program. I have not yet signed the agreement, however. Any lawyers that have posted here, don’t I have 3 days to get out of a verbal agreement? How can I get my money back? I should have never have done this, yes it was too good to be true, but I believed it, hook line and sinker.

    May 6, 2016 at 5:05 pm
    • Angela

      Nothing is official until you sign their contract, which has no way out for you as the consumer. Don’t sign anything that doesn’t have a grace period of 14-30 days for you to see if the program is a good fit. Otherwise, what incentive does Russ and his ppl have to help you? They have your money regardless.

      August 4, 2016 at 7:14 am
  • Hi
    I was about to sign up for Russ’s program, only I didn’t have the spare cash and was in the process of getting arranged and I read your post. So I’ve pulled out of it now, in the meantime a friend sent me a link to http://trafficandfunnels.com so out of curiosity I decided to look at them and see what they did, it ended up being the same style of webinar and the exact same application process, with identical questions etc. – Because it was such a co-incidence I didn’t completed the last question on the form and was sent 2 emails to complete it. The appointment was cancelled, I didn’t find out if it was exactly the same but I’m guessing so.

    I think this maybe another front for Russ and his team

    Anyway I think its saved me from loosing $10k on another dodgy internet marketer

    August 8, 2016 at 2:21 pm
  • Hi Melayna
    I have just spent the last hour I think staring open-mouthed at the screen as I read this thread. I have a sales (oops I mean “breakthrough session”) call booked tomorrow and I am going to cancel it. I’m sure some people have had great success and good for them, but where there is smoke there is fire and it’s just too big a risk to take. Integrity is too important to me.

    However, I had an interesting experience with someone else who follows the EXACT same process and I mention this as i’m sure there’s some connection – in fact I spent some time googling to see who had trained who as they specialise in essentially the same thing. Does anyone know?

    Please forgive me for the possible length of this post!

    Before I start let me just say for context, I run an internal communications business, have been doing this for years for various companies internationally, and have just gone out on my own in the last year after the birth of my first child. I’ve been stuck in the dollar-for-time cycle which although brings in a decent income it’s very binding and I was wanting to change.

    I attended Claire Jarrett’s http://www.clairejarrett.com) webinar (exact same deal, automated etc) and signed up for the strategy session (exact same deal/process). I was actually so keen to sign up to the program (eejit!) that I actually had to hunt down the guy [Tom Hutowski] who was booked to do my call with me, from “Claire’s team”, as he didn’t call me when scheduled. So I looked him up on LinkedIn and it said the name of some marketing company, Provocative I think. Can I just say I’m not at all suggesting Claire is a fraud, so that’s not the reason I’m telling this story, but I had major red flags throughout the call with Tom – and I find this relevant, as I have since seen him as a member on Russ’s ‘high ticket selling’ FaceBook group, so that felt weird to me. I started to wonder how I’d handle it if I ended up on another call with him but this time via Russ’s website!

    On the call he said he was ‘Claire’s right-hand man’, and part of her virtual global team. He accused me of being “guarded” because I wasn’t forthcoming with some quite personal information he was asking for. The script of this call sounded suspiciously similar to what people here have said happens in the call with Russ’s “team”… for example ‘does your partner support you” etc etc. The whole premise of the call was deciding whether or not I would end up with an invitation to be mentored by Claire. I asked him how successful Claire’s company actually was (not asking for figures just some insight – as part of my due diligence), and his response was ‘can I ask why you asked me that?’

    Again, painfully light on detail around what you actually get for your money. And I would have to repeat myself several times as he would question me on things I said that I had explained ten minutes prior. The whole conversation was awkward and we had zero rapport, which was actually – fortunately – why I decided not to proceed.
    When I asked him why, if he was part of Claire’s team and her righthand man, does his LinkedIn profile list him as working for Provocative Marketing, he was silent for a split second and then just said oh I’m never on LinkedIn and praised me for doing my due diligence and that just proves how serious I am about growing my business. Hmmmm.
    But i was smelling a rat – especially as he’d said several times this was not a sales call.

    So the fee he quoted me for Claire’s 8 week program was $11kNZD, reduced to $8k for special little me (I actually missed the reason for the discount as he went there so quickly). And three payments of $2666. All in NZD.

    When I said I wanted to talk to my partner about it before committing, he pressured me hard. ‘I thought you said you had your partner’s support?” I do I said, but it’s just courtesy to have a conversation with your partner before forking out $8k, surely? He challenged me on that further, and made me feel really awkward, as if having a healthy discussion with my partner about my business choices was going to destroy my chances at success – but thankfully I’ve been burned before and so I stuck to my guns. He initially gave me an hour but I insisted on 24 hours. Which now seems stupid – why can’t I take as long as I like?!

    Well before the 24 hours was up, I had a FB reminder message from him – (by the way who uses FaceBook to connect with prospective customers regarding $8k+ sales?) I replied straight away and said ‘I’m going to leave it, thanks Tom.’ It just felt wrong and inauthentic. He replied very very quickly with a three paragraph FB message (that he almost didn’t have time to write!) In a nutshell he said that because I’m so awesome and serious about this yadda yadda that if I put down a $500 deposit immediately, he would then hold the $8k price for me forever. Otherwise it would go back to $11k. I left it for a day then just replied “No thanks Tom.” He thankfully just wished me well and that was it.

    But it was creepy. That’s not how a ‘righthand man’ should behave – and the fact that I could tell it was a sales call – why don’t you just say it’s your sales team? People surely expect to hear from a sales person in these circumstances? Just an utter lack of integrity and it felt weird. So I pulled pin, then like a moron moved on to Russ. But now I’m just going to upskill myself and stop spending money on these greedy unethical people.

    [Disclaimer: I just want to reiterate that I am in no way suggesting Claire Jarrett is doing anything similar to the accusations of Russ – it’s just the sales process and offering sounds eerrily duplicated, and Tom (the sales guy) appears on Russ’s sites too (In fact, I can see from the FB group that Tom Hutowski was actually added by Russ Ruffino himself, so that made me feel even more uncomfortable. I don’t really want to work with anyone who employs sales people that don’t even know the basics of how to get rapport and empathy with a customer and really just use pressure and scare tactics. Surely if you’re going to hire sales people to sell for you, you’d make sure they truly represented the heart and soul of your business? Oh… maybe they did, and that’s exactly the point.]

    Not sure if this helps any, but just thought it seemed prudent to tell the story. Thanks for reading if you make it this far.

    PS – I’m not putting my full name as I really don’t want to invite drama but happy to give it to you privately if you need it Melayna.

    October 9, 2016 at 3:52 pm
      • Anonymous

        I went through the same process with Claire Jarrett and actually signed up for one of her programs. It was the worst money EVER spent on my business. Exact same tactics. I think it was offered at £5k and I paid £3,600. I was reading through this page and kept thinking, this is EXACTLY how Claire operates. Way overpriced and didn’t even come close to delivering. Material wasn’t even professionally done. I paid less than 1/10 of the price for a course from Amy Porterfield and it was SO much better in quality AND I received a hand-written thank you note. I’ve done several of Amy’s courses as well as B-School now. I couldn’t find any negative reviews on Claire at the time but also no glowing individual reviews either when I searched at the time so thought I had done my due diligence. I think almost everyone in the course was so disappointed. (I should add that I did exactly everything to be done in the course.) I learned a few things, but worth about a £197, not £3,600 or more. The value compared to the other courses I’ve done is 1/50. I still feel so duped by it. I’ve since coached people who were taking one of her courses, didn’t get close to the results and kept paying out so much money for more coaching. I’ve been told that I gave more useful help in a 60-minute call than they had learned through the course and follow-up coaching with Claire. I’ve also noticed that Claire is in Russ’ group, added by him, himself too.

        January 4, 2017 at 1:03 pm
  • rh

    Hi Melayna,
    Thank God for this! thank you for exposing this scam. I did a strategy session this morning. I told Nick that I want to discuss with my hubby(since we r in different time zones) He said he can hold the 10,000 price for me if I put a $1,000 non-refundable deposit. He pressured me into doing it, I was hooked. Then I talked to my hubby – he was livid, he warned me not to get into it. I didn’t tell him that they charged my credit card for $1,000. I decided to do some research on Russ Ruffino program and came to your site. I called my credit card and told them not to process the payment because its a scam. The tranaction was pending. They said I have to wait until the transaction is processed before they can take any action.

    In the meantime, I left Nick a message to call me. Lets see what happens

    October 10, 2016 at 9:32 pm
  • Well done disinformation antidote! Thanks, saved me time and trouble trying to find of how legit this guy’s promises were.

    November 22, 2016 at 1:05 pm
  • Hi Melayna/All-
    Appreciate the information here.
    I have been looking into the Client on Demand program and had a call with one of Russ’ people. In researching the COD program, I found this blog which is disturbing and has me now thinking of other options. The thing that has me scratching my head is the high number of video testimonials where people give their full name and business names and genuinely rave about the program. What’s their motivation to do this unless they’re experiencing success? My plan is to reach out to a few of these people to discuss their personal experience. I haven’t signed up and may not after reviewing this content but I am looking for something to help me scale my business and raise my prices so…open to valid suggestions.

    All the best to everyone here.

    November 28, 2016 at 2:20 pm
  • Anonymous

    I am so grateful to all of you for sharing your story. I was looking at Ruffino’s stuff, because someone recommended it, and was considering doing the webinar thing he makes sound so easy. Where red flags went up for me are 1) Facebook ads are not so easy. Even with targeting. It takes a ton of effort and trial and error to get your ads just right, and then they can quickly become irrelevant, so you then end up having to tweak and edit them again, and keep going until you hit the right mix. You can hire an ad expect, but good ones come at a premium.. 2) He states clearly in the beginning “results are not typical.” In fact, he states it twice. Then, as he gets going on his presentation, he goes on and on how simple it all is. That is the hook and where he can then blame the client or not take responsibility– “I told you results are not typical.” If results are not typical, but it is so simple as he says, then why are results not typical? It doesn’t make a lick of sense. So this rubbed me as odd, so I did more Google searching on him, and this thread popped up second sandwiched between two of Russ’s sites/programs. So you ARE reaching people. Keep speaking out. This is so important. You saved me a financial loss!

    December 10, 2016 at 9:35 am
  • Paul Miller

    Just writing to say thank you for this post. I first heard Russ on the webinar of an entrepeneur I really respect. Russ sounded genuine so I signed up for the webinar… then found this page. Thank you for everything you do!

    December 19, 2016 at 7:19 am
  • Anonymous

    Was this page down for a while? It was coming up as a “404” page for a while. I fell for Russ’ BS and I took the course. I made $7,000 back in sales so I can’t try to get any money back but knowing what I know now, this guy’s info is remedial at best and not worth $100, and I hope everyone who ever thinks about paying him see’s this page and I thank you for putting it up.

    I am not with any other company, but since I’m still trying to get my funnel to produce regular income, I found Click Funnels and they give FREE training, and have a software that even writes your webinar, sales letters, and email follow up for you for only $3,000. You can get everything Russ does and a zillion times more spending about $400 with Click Funnels.

    I hate Russ Ruffino and I hope I see him get closed down soon.

    December 19, 2016 at 11:08 am
  • Anonymous

    I did Lee Mcintyre’s program.

    Again, the pressure and desire to magnify your discomfort at the sales pitch was evident – and act NOW to receive avery special scholarship!

    I expected coaching calls, then none. When they don’t deliver, the swing the onus back on you.

    What these guys have in common is a slippery-ness, it’s difficult to track them down, and usually a lack of a bona-fide business address.

    The only guy I would trust with my cash is {edited out*} as he’s been around long enough and approaches the online world authentically and realistically.
    *removed for ethical reasons

    December 24, 2016 at 7:34 am
  • Hello and thanks for this article!
    I was also almost convinced to put money I don’t have into this program…
    I have an online course for treatment that I think could help many people but i am quite struggling with marketing.
    Would you suggest any other program are this isn’t the right place?

    Thanks again!

    January 3, 2017 at 2:47 am
  • Will

    What about people who have received results from the program? This is what confuses me. Scaling a business is not really that difficult. In fact, in my experience, it is the simple things smart people miss. The simple things that make millions. Just confused on why simplicity is attacked in certain posts when THAT is the key to making money.

    January 7, 2017 at 1:54 pm
    • Anonymous

      I have only found his success stories to be….others who teach you how to set up a webinar sales funnel.

      January 7, 2017 at 7:02 pm
  • Will

    I am not associated with Russ at all and I do not plan on taking his course. But, I understand that from running a 6 figure company myself that simplicity wins everytime.

    January 7, 2017 at 2:56 pm
  • Will

    I found you because I was doing research on Russ’s webinar. All the best.

    January 7, 2017 at 2:58 pm
  • Will

    lol. I guess I should have waited to submit. ” I can’t imagine anyone NOT associated with Ruffino would defend his company’s actions.” This is not entirely true. I see a lot of people happy in the FB group. Honestly, from building a business from scratch and from coaching people myself I know 4 main things:

    1. You can’t make everyone happy.
    2. People can have the answer right under their nose and still miss it.
    3. #2 Happens the most when things are simple.
    4. It the answer seems simple, they think it is a rip off.

    I really cannot comment on inside the program because I have not taken it, but I know from experience that I can tell someone exactly how to make money and they can still no “get it”.

    Anyway, just my thoughts. God Bless.

    January 7, 2017 at 3:03 pm
  • Thanks for this thread. However, it’s 2018 and I wonder if Russ has rehabilitated. Probably not. Bummer. Guess I’ll skip the call. Thank you, again

    September 18, 2018 at 5:31 pm

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