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Is Russ Ruffino CEO of Clients on Demand’s Attorney, Rebecca Stanton’s Run-Over-Remorse Just Another Attempt to Obstruct Discovery?

Is Russ Ruffino CEO of Clients on Demand’s Attorney, Rebecca Stanton’s Run-Over-Remorse Just Another Attempt to Obstruct Discovery?

May 5, 2019

Is Russ Ruffino CEO of Clients on Demand’s Attorney, Rebecca Stanton’s Run-Over-Remorse of Ruffino’s Former Attorney, Dan Warner, Just Another Attempt to Obstruct Discovery?


Russell (Russ) Ruffino of Clients on Demand & his Arizona attorney Daniel (Dan) Warner of Kelly Warner Law Firm

December 22, 2015 to February 7, 2019 Russell (Russ) Ruffino CEO of Clients on Demand, LLC, a California limited liability company was a client of Arizona attorney Daniel (Dan) Warner of Warner Kelly Law*.

December 22, 2015 Complicity Ruffino & Warner made FALSE CLAIMS of defamation & falsely claimed unfair competition in a complaint & an application for injunctive relief  filed in Superior Court of Arizona CV2015-009252 against Melayna Lokosky, a federally recognized whistleblower who owns & operates a whistleblower & advocacy website, Killing My Career. May 21, 2015 Lokosky wrote a negative truthful article about how Ruffino fraudulently & deceptively used national media logos in his advertising, as a means to protect consumers against fraud.

December 22, 2015 One deceptive & failed attempt was made at Lokosky’s known location. With the goal of using a more deceptive means to attempt and fail to serve.

February 4, 2016 Deceptively, Ruffino & Warner posted notice in a small town in Arizona, Gila Bend, population 1,922.  A town were Lokosky never lived and too small for Google alerts to trigger a warning.

Lokosky, as a then sealed federal whistleblower, had a Google alert set to her name; and, employed multiple attorneys across several states, including Arizona, none of which were aware of the complaint.

June 29, 2016 The Honorable James Marrow, Commissioner Maricopa County Superior Court granted  Ruffino & Warner’s request for Default Judgement made off of FALSE CLAIMS Lokosky was “…properly served with process and failed to appear or answer…”  made “negative, false and defamatory statements” towards Ruffino.

October 17, 2016 The Honorable David W. Garbarino, Commissioner of Maricopa County Superior Court amended the original default judgment to a court order to allow Google deindexing of negative truthful information about Ruffino to be removed from the internet.

January 12, 2017 Ruffino and Warner committed WIRE FRAUD when they used the fraudulently obtained judgment and STOLE Lokosky’s ENTIRE website, not JUST the URLs as stated in the original default judgment.

January 13, 2017 Warner on behalf of client Ruffino resorted to EXTORTION. They informed Lokosky they’d set aside the default judgment, and GIVE the STOLEN website back, if she agreed to remove all NEGATIVE TRUTHFUL information from the internet and agree to NEVER write about Ruffino again.

January 13, 2017 Lokosky, through her attorneys at Jackson White, Mike Pruitt and Nate Hill, filed a Temporary Restraining Order TRO to stop the illegal transfer of her proprietary information from Go Daddy to Russ Ruffino CEO of Clients on Demand.

Ruffino was also shortly represented in 2018 by Kristina B. Reeves from Reeves Maxwell in a failed Supreme Court Attempt to quash First Amendment rights 

July 27, 2018 the State Bar of Arizona placed Daniel R. Warner  Bar No. 026503, on a two-year probation for “his conduct in violation of Arizona Rules of Professional Conduct,” unrelated to the case below.

Ruffino remained with Warner, despite his on probation status for an additional six months, until switching to his current Arizona attorney Rebecca Stanton of Wilenchik & Bartness

This case continues to present day where there’s so many appeals filed by Ruffino’s team, it can only be viewed as abuse of process and obstruction. Who files a defamation lawsuit but never wants to get to court to defend their claims? A criminal, that’s who.  As the case is about to enter discovery, Ruffino’s new attorney, Rebecca Stanton  apparently doubles as a bus driver with run-over remorse.

Stanton, previously threw Ruffino’s former attorney, Dan Warner, under the bus on the issue of failure to serve back from 2015; and she backed up to include the process servers in the case as well. You see, in court, under oath, in 2017, Ruffino first claimed it was his attorney’s idea on how to handle service, then on the advice of his then attorney, Dan Warner, quickly changed his tune to “attorney client privilege.” Which means how they chose to serve, or rather not serve me, was a legal strategy.

Since Ruffino has a new attorney, Stanton, and Stanton threw Warner & process servers under the bus on failure to serve, it means that the information on Ruffino & Warner’s strategy is no longer protected by attorney client privilege; and, we get to subpoena and depose Ruffino’s former attorney, Dan Warner, for the discovery part of our case.

April 2019, we subpoenaed, attorney Dan Warner who’s currently on probation for two years,  for conduct that according to the State Bar of Arizona, is in violation of Arizona Rules of Professional Conduct.

May 2019, Since Warner has been subpoenaed,  Rebecca Stanton informed my attorney, Nate Hill, that she’s decided to withdraw the previous claim that Warner & the process server were to blame for improper service. Ruh-roh, Rebecca.

Yeah, sweetie, that’s not how it works. You can’t drive a bus over someone; and, then decide it never happened.

Criminals, know victims need discovery to make their cases, which is why they obstruct cases however possible to prevent discovery. This case was criminal from the start which only helps show a pathological, complicit history of unethical and illegal behavior on the part of Ruffino and Warner. Oh, and since water sinks to its own level, Rebecca’s latest legal stunt is laughable at best. Unethical at worst.


Also, in 2018 the The State Court of Arizona found Ruffino & Warner did not properly serve me and tossed the original judgment for failure to serve.  Arizona Superior Court No. 1 CA-CV 17-0353 affirmed the lower court’s decision; and, the Supreme Court of Arizona Court denied Ruffino’s right to be heard. Ruffino has filed appeal after appeal to stall the case and avoid accountability for filing false claims of defamation which set of a cascade of other escalating illegal behavior including but not limited to wire fraud, extortion, illegally, for 18 months, taking my First Amendment rights to write about his criminal activity, and threatened and intimidated me via his delusional branding campaign for Clients on Demand.

It’s almost like Ruffino, Warner and Ruffino’s new attorney, Stanton, are worried we might find something… say like more illegal activity that could potentially harm more than just myself. That’s where the State of Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich & the State Bar of Arizona, who have teeth beyond civil, can protect more than just one individual and protect society by putting criminals where they belong, in federal prison. The legal system is broken when criminals can pathologically abuse legal process; and, manipulate judges and companies like Go Daddy into rewarding their illegal activity at the victim’s peril.

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