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Harvard Law Professor Ronald Sullivan to Rebecca of Stanton Wilenchik & Bartness: Attorney Professional Victims

Harvard Law Professor Ronald Sullivan to Rebecca of Stanton Wilenchik & Bartness: Attorney Professional Victims

May 15, 2019

Insult and Demean Victims & Those Defending Victims

The Sociopathic Business Model©

Harvey Weinstein’s victims did not have free-will, unlike Weinstein’s Harvard Law Professor attorney, Ronald Sullivan, who did when he chose to defend Weinstein.  This will not be a popular post, mainly for attorneys who knowingly & willingly choose to defend criminals and want to do so without accountability. It is an abusive tactic for attorneys or those defending attorneys who are defending criminals to hide cowardly behind every person deserves a defense. While at face value that is true, do criminals deserve a more expensive or better defense than the victims they created? No, no they don’t.

Harvard Betrays a Law Professor — and Itself

Misguided students believe that defending Harvey Weinstein  makes Ronald Sullivan unfit to be their dean. Apparently the university agrees. By Randall Kennedy Professor Kennedy teaches law at Harvard.

Shifting Blame to avoid Accountability

The Sociopathic Business Model©

Sure, let’s shift blame on the misguided students and Harvard for necessary #ForcedAccountability. Not the attorney who chose, of his own free-will to defend Harvey Weinstein; and, certainly not Harvard law professor Randall Kennedy who penned this opinion for The New York Times.

Abusive People View their Opinion is Fact 

The Sociopathic Business Model©

“I have been a professor at Harvard University for 34 years. In that time, the school has made some mistakes. But it has never so thoroughly embarrassed itself as it did this past weekend. At the center of the controversy is Ronald Sullivan, a law professor who ran afoul of student activists enraged that he was willing to represent Harvey Weinstein.

Mr. Sullivan is my friend and colleague. He is the director of the Criminal Justice Institute at Harvard Law School and the architect of a conviction-review program in Brooklyn that has freed a score of improperly convicted individuals. He is also a sought-after lawyer who has represented plaintiffs (including the family of Michael Brown, whose death at the hands of a police officer fueled the Black Lives Matter movement) as well as defendants (including Rose McGowan, the actress who faced drug charges and is, ironically, one of Mr. Weinstein’s accusers).”

Randall Kennedy’s opinion that because Ronald Sullivan defended other victims, including a Weinstein victim, somehow suggests he’s entitled to inconsistently contradict his previous stance and now defend Weinstein without accountability or loss of credibility, is utter bullshit. My hope that Kennedy’s continued abusive opinion which continues here, lands him in the unemployment line next to Sullivan.

Criminals usually have more money than the victims they create. That is by design. Criminal defense attorneys, who are well paid and usually cash up front,  know their client won’t win on merit or facts; but, rather hope to bury the victim in costly appeals, extensions, and appeals again.

A question that could save Sullivan’s reputation, albeit not his position at Harvard, would be to disclose how much he’s making as Weinstein’s attorney in a comparison to every other cases he’s taken in his career. Something tells me he won’t consent to something like that because Weinstein throws money at his problems to make them go away. But like all criminals, their eventual self-harmed image, harms profits.  Criminal attorneys will keep plugging along as long as they’re getting paid.

As someone who is no stranger to going up against some of the highest paid criminal defense attorneys in the United States ,who represent the world’s largest consumer, pharmaceutical, and medical device companies, in the world, Johnson & Johnson, I recognize I’m in a different financial position that most victims of crimes.

It affords me the opportunity, without fear of employment retribution, to speak truthfully which is the enemy to criminals and the attorneys that defend them.  Most recently, Russ Ruffino CEO of Clients on Demand’s new attorney, Rebecca Stanton of Wilenchik & Bartness, commented to my attorney Nate Hill of Jackson White, that she essentially did not appreciate me writing about her on my website. My whistleblower, employee, consumer, patient, shareholder and taxpayer advocacy website, which exposes fraud.  Stanton’s client, Ruffino, fraudulently used national media logos on his advertising campaigns, filed false claims of defamation, did not properly serve me, committed, wire fraud & extortion.  Every criminal has the right to a defense. That does not mean that the public or the victims of crimes cannot call out #ProfessionalVictim attorneys like Ronald Sullivan or Rebecca Stanton, who of their own free-will, chose to defend criminals.


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