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Do You Have a Passion or Just a Paycheck?

By Melayna Lokosky
Feb 17th, 2014


We often here if someone loves what they do it doesn’t seem like work, or do what you’re passionate about and everything else will fall in place.  I hated those people.  Sounded good, but I couldn’t figure out how to get paid to buy shoes for a living.  So, in the quest to becoming a better person, I did something I said I’d never do, and read a ‘self-help’ book, recommended to me by my sister, Amy.  I realized I didn’t hate those people it was just a reflection on what was missing in my own life.

It scared me when people talked about their passions and I would come up blank.  I like sugar, shoes and wow does that make me sound shallow, is all I kept coming up with during these conversations.  I lacked passion but always loved my paycheck.  If you’re trying to find out what your ‘passion,’ is then checking out The Passion Test by the Atwood’s might be a good jumpstart to helping you figure it all out.

Staying motivated is tough even for the most motivated of people.  Below is a list of questions from Laura Garrett of Inc.’s blog:  1 Weekly Habit that Will Push you to your Peak Performance**.  The concept behind this is similar  The Passion Test, but is geared towards what you’re doing now.

Here are 15 simple questions. Print it out blank and do it weekly and see if helps keep your head in the game:

1. What was the most enjoyable work activity of the week?

2. How many enjoyable work moments did you have?

3. How many frustrating or boring moments did you have?

4. How would you describe your impact on others you work with, your customers, or those whom you came into contact with this week?

5. Is this the type of impact you want?

6. If not, what prompted this change in desired impact?

7. Were you challenged this week?

8. Were you bored?

9. What were your biggest and most exciting challenges this past week?

10. How confident did you feel this week?

11. Did you have any negative mental chatter about yourself?

12. Are you practicing actively believing that you can achieve whatever it is you have set your sights on?

13. Are you committed to having joy and groundbreaking results at work?

14. What distractions came up this week that prevented you from getting the most out of your job?

15. How can you avoid that going forward?

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