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Someone using the Tag Ibrahim AlHusseini is Trying to Hack the Site (Again)

Someone using the Tag Ibrahim AlHusseini is Trying to Hack the Site (Again)

Updated April 1, 2015

ibrahim-alhusseini Pillsbury Madison & Sutro 4 1 2015

Updated: March 24, 2015 Pillsbury

ibrahim-alhusseini Pillsbury Madison & Sutro 3 24 2015

March 18, 2015

I was just alerted that someone using the tag Ibrahim AlHusseini was trying to hack the site (again):

ibrahim-alhusseini tag trying to hack the site 3 18 2015

Narcissistic behavior, web analytics and exposure of fraud: A lightening rod to the fraud

It’s always a big ole red flag when someone spells a rather unusual (not famous) name correctly in a tag or say tries to log into your WordPress Login (hacking) under the same IP with the unusual name spelled correctly that’s again tied to the same stories about the same people.

This is what I call a lightening rod to the fraud.  Two people specifically and a third in the linked story may not like what’s written about them-but it’s their own facts that could damage their image and in turn profits=forced accountability. Ibrahim AlHusseini (tagged), CEO of Whole Foods John Mackey who work with or support known child rapist Marc Gafni are listed in the story links below.  We’d like to think that someone is smart enough not to tag themselves in a crime (but you’ll have to wait for the book for that entertaining case study unrelated to this story-but supports this concept-beautifully).

Trying to hack site again 3 18 2015

Ibrahim AlHusseini claims he did not know that Marc Gafni was a known child rapist and also claims he did not try and hack the site previously; however, he did have a female friend staying with him at the time of the last attack implying she may have been responsible for the hack. Seriously, dude if you’re not hacking then you need new friends because they’re setting you up (kinda cowardly to use a known associate’s name instead of their own, right?) Remember Mr. AlHusseini all accomplices eventually become victims under The Sociopathic Business Model ™.

Alexis Neely Scam 3 18 2015

Perhaps Ibrahim AlHusseini’s known accomplice  board memeber at CIW Marc Gafni wasn’t too happy with an additional story on LinkedIN: Huffington Post Features Child Rapist Marc Gafni as Contributor.   Or perhaps Ibrahim AlHusseini has a questionable list of associates  like Ali Shanti (aka Alexis Martin Neely aka Alexis Shanti).  One of the most common tags on this site is Alexis Neely Scam (which is also #1 on Google) or  Annie Lalla and Eben Pagan  linked to Gafni through Success 3.0 Summit/ CIW  and they all have young child (Neely /Shanti has two children-one for each personality?) and all are aware of Marc Gafni’s pathological history of sexual abuse (one victim was between 13-14 years old).

The willingness these parents have to work with a rapist who blamed his victim and manipulated the facts by stating they were in love (he was over 20 at the time) is beyond disturbing.  Mr. Gafni’s victim refers to his “love“as “repeatedly sexually assaultednot love.  Mr. Gafni’s lack of accountability, shame, remorse, guilt and manipulation of the facts to gain control of the narrative does not, in my book, garner him a second chance but should serve as a cautionary tale as fact based evidence over time is the best indicator of the future.

Mr. AlHusseini do not call me again. Last time he sang a sob story about how he didn’t know Marc Gafni was a known child rapist (I didn’t buy it then and he knows it now) and he said he was going to step down from the CIW Board and cut ties with Success 3.0 summit (founded by Gafni linked to Whole Foods and CEO John MacKay) and email his letter and confirmation that his name was taken down from the website board page at CIW-and yet that’s never happened.  He claimed he was a “victim” before and it got so bad that his “abuser” committed suicide.  Say it with me now: that’s inconsistent & contradictory language to action as abusers seldom hurt themselves and needlessly and willfully hurt others.

Checklist-of-Characteristic-of-The-Sociopathic-Business-Model (1)

He also claimed “we were on the same side”  that we were  fighting against the corrupt  (ummm not on your best day if the small list above is any indication) which then (and still does) come across as nothing more than a manipulation which was then wrapped in a verbal outburst of a threat of a lawsuit (yawn), when I refused to remove his name from the site.

Interestingly enough he said this site could damage his business (well that’s again inconsistent & contradictory language to action since all this site had done at that point was highlight the truth about his known associations to help people determine who they will or will not do business with in the future).  Sounds a little like lack of accountability, shame, remorse or guilt with a side order of blame. Ironic, right? Being on a board with a known child rapist doesn’t hurt his business but my writing about it could hurt his business?  However, his actions during a phone call (and now there’s a second attempt to hack) provide me with enough information to know that no matter what Ibrahim AlHusseini is selling I don’t want it.  It’s up to each person reading this to view the facts and make the best personal decisions off those facts.

I have a voice mail (saved off) in which he states he knows what I’ve written is factual and yet he still threatened me.  He then declared with poor behavior control and a lie that it’s illegal to tape conversations (it’s not everywhere-do your homework if you should find the need to force accountability that way) but I didn’t tape it-it was a voice mail which I saved.   Sounds like someone doesn’t like to be challenged on their ethics (or perhaps lack of) and when manipulation didn’t work insulting and demeaning threats continued.  This won’t be the last hacking attempt from someone in this grouping who would rather the facts remain hidden as it could hurt their image and or profits nor will it be my last story to force accountability.   Here’s the thing-the truth was written is written and I don’t scare easily (ask around).

I’ve had several people tell or email me that they’ve kept the checklist above out while dealing with workplace abuse over the phone with a peer, superior, or client  and it helped them remain calm and focused which frustrated their abuser causing them to retreat (or sadly move on to another victim).  I am my own HR department so I have to deal with things like this myself; but you don’t so take the necessary steps to protect yourself from workplace abuse by contacting HR and an attorney.  Remember the HR department at your company is like your spouse’s divorce attorney-they’re not on your side.   

Steps to Protect From The Sociopathic Buisness Model™

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