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Ibrahim AlHusseini, Child Rapist Marc Gafni, Whole Foods & The Sociopathic Business Model™ Case Study

Ibrahim AlHusseini, Child Rapist Marc Gafni, Whole Foods & The Sociopathic Business Model™ Case Study

January 20, 2015

Ibrahim Alhusseini Face Book Page Case Study 1 20 2015


Ibrahim AlHusseini’s Facebook Banner

How to use analytics to Force Accountability from those employing tactics from The Sociopathic Business Model™ while creating a timeline for legal purposes. Remember it’s not uncommon for those who would rather their negative truth remain hidden to resort to unethical and or illegal tactics to prevent the truth which could damage their image (and in turn possible profits) from becoming exposed.

The name Ibrahim AlHusseini may not mean anything to you as it really didn’t mean anything to me until late November last year when my website got hacked after I wrote about child rapist Marc Gafni and his relationship to Success 3.0 Summit and Whole Foods.

Marc Gafni is also affiliated with a company based in Europe known as Center for Integral Wisdom (CIW) which funded the Success 3.0 Summit last year where Whole Foods was the primary donor of the event. On the list of Executive Board of Directors for Center for Integral Wisdom you’ll note not only self-admitted known child rapist Marc Gafni, but also Co-CEO of Whole Foods John Mackey and none other than  Ibrahim AlHusseini.

Center for Integral Wisdom

I published the story on November 11, 2014 and updated on November 14, 2014 to note that Whole Foods, despite reading the story, had yet to respond to my email asking how they could justify their actions of supporting an event founded by known child rapist Marc Gafni (hoping it was just a huge oversight on the part of Whole Foods).  It is not. Whole Foods Reading Site 3

Whole Foods Ibrahim Alhusseini 11 16 2014.jpg 3 hours 43 minutes at 2 43 am

Anytime someone spends hours on your website, it’s a red flag.  The wrongfully offended are usually looking for intel they can pathologically manipulate to demean, insult or discredit the person trying to expose the truth.  Let’s be honest my own mother wouldn’t read three hours of my site at a time, so again red flag!
The tag used to find the site was originally Ibrahim AlHusseini.  This could be one of a few things: it’s really Mr. AlHusseini looking himself, it could be Mr. AlHusseini looking for someone else (accomplice) or someone not wanting to tag their own name but one associated with theirs to pull up the desired information (using an accomplice and now creating a victim.)
Whole Foods Ibrahim Alhusseini 11 16 2014
Whole Foods Ibrahim Alhusseini 11 16 2014 part 2jpg And now on this last part you’ll see that my name was also specifically tagged.  Whole Foods Ibrahim Alhusseini 11 16 2014.jpg 4 Tagged melayna LokoskyWhen it’s all done it’s over 15 hours 31 minutes and 30 seconds on the site.  I know we all want to think we’re that we’re providing such amazing content that someone just couldn’t walk away-but nope-it’s a red flag that I recognized at the time and took screenshots as the event was unfolding.Whole Foods Ibrahim Alhusseini 11 16 2014 15 hoursNovember 17, 2014 my site was hacked and I was briefly unable to enter until the server could resolve the confirmed issue. If the person or people who operate under The Sociopathic Business Model™can’t find anything to discredit you (or you aren’t known-which I’m not) they will resort to other unethical and or illegal activity to prevent the truth which damages their images (and in turn possible profits) from being exposed.  I do not believe in coincidence. 

This is why it’s important if you write about the truth to take the proper steps to force accountability on those who refuse to take accountability for their unethical and or illegal behavior.  The more documenation the better:

IP address: (

Specific Tags: Ibrahim AlHusseini, boycott wholefoods for financially supporting child rapist, and my name

Some companies use the same beginning three digits on all their IP addresses which will help IT, police, attorneys, or even the FBI track someone down if it should come to that and at the very least there’s now a running case study of the events around this story.

It won’t prevent future attacks (yet) but it will keep exposing the truth and so will I.  If Ibrahim AlHusseini wasn’t the person responsible for the cyberattack (or wasn’t doing the bidding for another) he’s now aware his name is linked to a cybercrime and that perhaps someone he viewed as a friend or business associate is manipulating facts.

Whole Foods Ibrahim Alhusseini 12 1 2014


Whole Foods Ibrahim alhusseini 1 20 2015

Remember all accomplices of The Sociopathic Business Model™ eventually become victims it’s not a matter of “if” it’s “when.” Regardless I have a tough time feeling sorry for anyone who purposely colludes with a known child rapist and thinks that’s an acceptable society.  There is enough information for me though to know I wouldn’t do business with Ibrahim AlHusseini, Marc Gafney and I do not support Whole Foods.  There’s also enough information for me to know that I’m not the only one watching this group closely.

Checklist-of-Characteristic-of-The-Sociopathic-Business-Model (1)

Marc Gafni also goes by the following names:  (Frequent name changes are an indication of trying to distance from previous unethical and or illegal behavior).

Many times people operating under The Sociopathic Business Model™ have a tough time not Google searching of their own names.

Marc Gafni was born Marc Winiarz

Gafni 1 19 2015

Rabbi Marc Gafni

Mark Gafni

Mordechai Winiarz

Mordechai Winyarz

Mordechai Gafni

And most Recently Dr. Marc Gafni

For additional information:

Whole Foods Market & The Sociopathic Business Model™ | KILLING MY CAREER


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